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#UNRIG Cap Hi! Sorry I know you probably covered this but I can't find it on Where can I purchase a #UNRIG baseball cap?

3 Battles How would you tie the three battles I believe we are facing today. I see them as political, spiritual, and interstellar.

Anarchists In the “New America” how are the anarchists like Antifa and BLM going to be handled? Sheriffs and their posse? Military?

April Showers Are we still on schedule for “Sometime in April?”- for Trump’s return (I have bets too). If not, can I help you slash tires?

Arrests Do believe the sites are legit on the lists of arrests and executions? I hope they are legit we would all love to see comeuppance.

Biden Why is it important to hide the fact that Biden is actually dead and is being played by actor James Woods?

Cabal Videos How can I view the remaining Cabal Q videos part 11 thru 17 by Ann Delap?

Complexes Future What is the future of the medical, legal, pharmaceutical, financial, banking, religious and not for profit industries after the shit hits the fan?

COVID-19 PBI linked to an Australian doctor, within the past couple of months, who had taken the covid test and discovered nanochips and strange morgellon's-like fibers

CSPOA Can Mack and sheriffs shut down mayors who may try to prevent or hamper tour events? How are you prepared for this?

Dominion Has Juan mentioned if lesser states using Dominion will also be investigated for election manipulation?

Education How will state Universities be funded after Nesara and how will quantum education change how classes and subjects are taught?

Election Fraud Your best guess: Who was the person/organization who orchestrated the Nov. 3 election fraud? Some one gave orders.

Election Reform governor, 2 senators all corrupt will they be arrested? who do we complain to, to change our state and senators?

Epstein I can't believe that Epstein slipped out of the hands of 2 guards and disappeared in DC??? What's behind that?

Evergreen Evergreen – Your read on this event. Accident or planned? white hate or black hats? cargo? Origin -destination

Gates Gates has purchased the majority of farmland funded Fauci and Agenda 2030 depopulation why no word of taking this fuck down? he is going to walk free?

Gates Is “Bill Gates” buying up 10s of 1000s of acres of (corporate?) farmland to end up being redistributed to small farmers?

Guantanamo Can you confirm Hilary C was arrested and is being held in Guantanamo? yes or no. I read articles and sub-articles all being refuted in MSM and denounced by google yet no proof and no action

Hacking may not want to address understandable. How are you keeping your info private and safe from internal corporate hacking by black hats especially with Juan?

Hemp Are you aware the 1937 Marijuana Tax Act was formed to prohibit farmers profiting from the most useful industrial and energy plant on Earth, HEMP?

How to Help I know there are probably many like me who want to help but don't know how. How can we help?

Income Taxes What the heck is going on with illegal income tax and making us 14th amendment citizens?

Invasion Are you hearing any unprecedented weather or pest invasion, With the news, no reports get through.

Justice To date, the major traitors who have committed many crimes have not been brought to justice. When will Obama, Hillary, Brennan, Clapper, Comey +be tried?

Lawyers As retired lawyer, where can I find out more about the Constitutional Lawyers you are assembling? What is involved? Time? Training? Exp req'd?

Lockdowns To whom may we plead our case for medical practice normalcy?

Med Beds Do you have an idea when Med Beds will be made available to the public in Texas, or area states?

Med Beds Last week you said 10-15 years to cure disease, but i thought MED-BEDS can do it all in 3 minutes. Will we see Med-Beds?

Media Fakery Can CNBC be shut down for doctoring videos?

Military The Kay Griggs' interviews reveals disturbing reality of how are military commanders are bribed, blackmailed and brainwashed. What percentage of military commanders are NOT compromised?

Military Why stand down? Nothing every happens and standing down is buying Deep State time to take full control.

Military How come US-Military, White Hats in the Govnerment, is allowing the poisoning of our skies and land with heavy metals, aluminum etc.

Military With ALL of the crimes of the current administration and of the dministrations prior to Trump, why is the military only focusing on the election?

Military How are we not sure the military is not just another captured operation? If it’s not, who is the white hat general in charge?

Military If this operation is being done to keep the deaths as minimal as possible. How much longer can the military afford to wait? (i.e vaccines)

Military Why hasn’t the military stopped the invasion of illegal aliens into our country?

MSM Blackout When can we expect to see something; anything at all about RDS, Cynthia, Juan, ARISE USA, on any mainstream TV including OAN?

National Death
Have we not already experienced a national death? A stolen election and failure of the courts?

Native Americans Have you considered first nations people in the mix for a set percentage?

Odd Couple How can ardently pro-life Trump join forces with equally ardent pro-abortion McKinney? Is abortion not as immoral as child sacrifice?

Pope & GB Does America answer to The Pope and Great Britain?

Populism There is no weapon system or # of troops that could stop American rage when the total truth is learned about our own sordid history-concern?

Populism Video on 107daily indicates top military general refuses involvement in election fraud. Isn't it time for We the People to take our country back?

Probability What percentage of probability do you think is the chance of a change in US government by 4/30/21?

Pyramids I remember you said you have the same pyramids that Simon has. Where can they be purchased?

QFS what is your take on the QFS Charlie W. is pitching as being ready to roll out any time now –is real?

Real Raw News what's your take on real raw news- hillary and brennan arrests and hillary's military tribunal 4/8 ?? is info correct ?? thank you appreciate all your work.

Rockefeller So what is to be done with the Rockefeller Foundation? The #1 State sponsor of Terrorism and Corruption for the last Century

Stock Market Do you see the stock market crashing?

Does your guidance of “not giving a penny to any Republican or Democrat” in a rigged system extend to Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-Ga.), who says she’ll introduce a resolution to impeach Biden, and who introduced a bill to ban COVID mandates/passports, and another bill to fire Fauci?

Suitcase Nukes do you know about suitcase nukes. I have been told to take iodine and that we should have some on hand I am SSP.

Can you elaborate on why: No mention of military interventions, 1) a. an “If” Trump returns, not “when” ? why the pattern in the constant timeline pushbacks?

Tour Links ,hats , membership for tour ,help with $ ,tour dates and location please

Tour Could you give a theme or a goal of the tour what do you want people to walk away with or a reason to come?

Transhumanism How can we stop the threat of transhumanism – A1 tech and Tech cities with their own regs ie Nevada

Trump Options I read on one of your subscribed $ sites, where you said you expect Trump to resign shortly after being reinstated. What's up with that?

Universal Service Based on an article published on in 2018. What are your thoughts on the Universal Military Training Program? Should we push lawmakers to pass?

Vaccine Passports
Do you see the implementing vaccine passports to do basic activities? If so what can we do?

Wall Street I heard J Comey is at GITMO.When do you think that the White Hats are going to take down the professional money laundering hedge funds?

War in Ukraine Since historically wars start during times of severe economic and social problems, how worried are you about Ukraine’s March 24 decree and Russia’s moves?

Web 3.0 Would you be able to give a ballpark idea of when Web 3.0 and a social media site will be made available?

Wrestlemania Please expand on the WWF Drama theory/viewpoint.

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