Dr. Christiane Northrup: #TruthWeek – Seven Days of Truth About COVID-19 Crimes Against Humanity

Collective Intelligence, Cultural Intelligence

Dear Friend, 

Never before in our history, as a species or as a health freedom movement, have we needed unity and solidarity more than we do at this moment! The malicious defamation efforts by the Center for Countering Digital Hate (CCDH) against several of our movement’s leaders have compelled us to create a united, coordinated and professionally designed “boots on the ground” campaign to fight back against these slanderous mistruths.  This crusade will not be easily censored, but we will need your help.  Only by banding together against censorship and defamation will we have a chance in hell of achieving justice and freedom and having truth prevail.

Please join us by participating in this Truth Telling Week campaign (starting on Easter Sunday)!

The goals of this campaign:

  1. To replace the negative perception and terminology (being picked up by the press as a result of the CCDH report) with alternative and positive content, shifting the narrative away from their aggressive, concerted effort.
  2. By using multiple communication channels, including social media as well as guerilla “take to the streets” strategies, we will reach a wider/newer “Moveable Middle” audience.  With millions of us spreading the truth, we will “flip the script” on the lies being perpetuated and instead provide accurate information allowing others to learn who are leaders really are, what they stand for and the positive impact their  work and our values as a movement have had on the world.

Beginning today, we ask that you please encourage and inspire your supporters to participate in and promote this campaign by sharing our website, truthweek.org. Here they will find simple, daily initiatives.  All the details for each day will be laid out simply and succinctly and will be easy to share.  The goal is to blanket the world with facts regarding our leaders, the COVID “vaccine” and the pandemic.

Truthweek.org will bring them to the website: dis-informationdozen.com where people can learn more about the influencers in our movement, find links to documentaries, print out flyers for distribution and much more.

IMAGINE the impact we could have on the world if millions of us take the same action at the same time. This is a  (USA) – United Simultaneous Action)  

The key to waking up the world to TRUTH is to STAND TOGETHER!

This is our time to Rise Up, Resist and Regain Our Rights!

Many thanks!

The Organizers of the Truth Telling Week

Campaign Websites:

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