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Steele Report

ANNA VON REITZ      Can you comment on recent proclamation by Anna Von Reitz that the ingrained Territorial and Municipal governmental contractors have been let go and should vacate Washington DC?

ADVERTISING        Is it possible to advertise the tour on OAN or Newsmax?

ARISE             Several times I've heard that McKinney is training county cells. I cannot find where to sing up for the training. Please advise

ARISE         How can we as sovereign nations participate in your resurrection patriot tour. My vision is to break the corporate blindness from our Indian communities.

RDS ASSASSINATION     Robert – I'm curious to know if you view the reports of your assassination as validation of the positive impact you are making?

RDS ASSASSINATION RPT        Have you been executed?  Pew Pew! hahahahahahahahahaha

BIBLE         Your recent share of Chapter 34 of Satanic Empire disclosed harsh TRUTHS about the Bible and Christianity. Will these be made public? So much brainwashing…

BIDEN          What would happen if all the states' governors ignored all the EOs Biden is putting out and basically say “you are not our legitimate president”?

COVID       5 youtubers dead in Norway- they were not dying for nothing, they were talking out about covid.

COVID        Why are talking Heads ( charlie Ward) say the Covid 19 is just the common cold? there is more to it..

COVID         Robert, Do you think traditional retail will return? Group shopping, Culture, Malls at Christmas, etc? I believe online shopping is destroying culture.

CURRENT STATUS OF U.S.            Do you have knowledge of upcoming events that may be used as a milestone to indicate the timeline or trajectory that we may be on?

CYNTHIA             Very disheartening to see your update on Cynthia. I hope everything is ok. Is everything OK?

DERSHOWITZ       Dershowitz on the log at Epstein Island – so what the fuck is he representing Lindell for? and Bryne does not know this?

DERSHOWITZ        why is Mike Lindell letting AD represent him when AD was on Epstein's island – does Lindell know?— wtf!?

DR SHIVA        Can you give us your take on Dr. Shiva and his quest to unrig elections? Has anyone in your group reached out to him?

ELECTION FRAUD        Why is Raffensperger, who made a deal with the devil (Abrams) allowed to interfere in the pending GA audit? He's allowing “images” only.

FINANCE       Charlie Freak: Wall Street and Bitcoin are going to Tumble…says to convert to gold & silver before too late. I see you're not taking it.

FINANCE        Will US currency be worthless without value backing such as by gold, is the US bankrupt, or are US citizens the collateral for federal debt?

FLYNN      General Flynn continues to dismiss that the military can do anything. Your thoughts about what he said to John Michael Chambers? Can you explain the strategy?

FREE WILL       They have programmed us from before birth to dumb us down. Then they torture us. How the hell is this not a free will violation?

JUAN         Is the stage set for a Russian Missile Crisis? Is this the event Juan speaks of?

JUAN’S TIRES            maybe we should hold off on Juan's tires hahaha! Law of War handbook Q breakdown video was/is brilliant – Safe Travels!

JUAN’S TIRES       U.S. Military News reports say “Biden” cancelled 2 US warships from entering the Black Sea – Putin then closes the Kersh Strait – Juan's tires…

JUDY BYINGTON       Do you think Judy Byington is legit? She posts a lot of stuff re QFS as well as what is going on behind the scenes

JUSTICE           Do you believe that the success of your tour is in jeopardy if something significant doesn’t happen soon? Trump supporters are throwing in the towel.

JUSTICE        How much longer can we wait for justice? A lot of damage is being done by these idiots, and can it be reversed?

LIES REVEALED       Do you believe the biggest lies told to mankind, such as the holocaust and 9/11, will be revealed? The impact would be enormous.

LIES REVEALED       What do you think will happen to higher education (i.e. CIA, history) and the healthcare industry (i.e. COVID, pharma) when their lies are revealed?

MYSTERIOUS NOTE         Was it your picture captioned “make the deal motherfucker or die” that was the note delivered to various politicians at Bush-41's funeral?

PEDOGATE          I am one of those children who is now an adult that was made to bear children for the them to sell. Need help please – how do I get help? Suggestions

PUTIN         Is Putin pressuring Ukraine to rat Biden out?

QFS        Will the new QFS prevent the extraordinarily unequal distribution of wealth that we currently have now? Not socialism, but more reasonable distinctions between socioeconomic classes.

QFS        How is the QFS going to affect the Crypto Bitcoin market

QFS        Are “NESARA”,” Return of Republic”, QFS etc, good Hopium driven agendas with no teeth today, similarly going to Mars, and are maybe considerably downstream somewhere

ROBOTICS           Do you have any reservations about decentralizing robotics (allowing it to be low in cost and not artificially expensive)?

SUCEDING          Are you aware of New California State We are following the Constitutional solution of separating from a dictatorial state government and well on our way.

TRUMP’S RETURN           Does Juan still say Trump will be back sometime in April?

TRUMP’S RETURN           April 16 (Fri) and NO word of Trump or anything else happening. WHAT IS GOING ON WITH “TRUMP RETURNING IN APRIL?” Etc. etc. etc

TULSI GABBARD          Have you considered Tulsi Gabbard to be part of this movement. Invited her?

TUNNELS         What do you know about the tunnels beneath the Capitol and National Mall recently being flooded?

UNRIG & PEDO     Many of us have been expecting evidence to start showing up by now about rigged election and rescued children. How much longer?

VACCINE           WILL WE BE FORCE TO GET JAB???? I work in Satan’s world -film industry ….and Everyone is running to the needle-I will change careers

WHERE’S JUAN         packing the supreme court, National emergency w/sanctions on Russia, part of the plan for military intervention and Trump’s return — no actions and a lot of carnage, Ivanka taking the vaccine on Social media, and Biden and false admin running wild where's Juan?

WHREABOUTS        There are a number of people who we don’t hear about anymore. Sally Yates, Huma Abedin, Loretta Lynch, Andrew McCabe and others. Thoughts?

YOUR DOG         What are your plans for your dog as you travel on the tour?

YOUR HEALTH          Concerned about your health. What were the personal attacks all about and what have you done to mitigate risk?


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