Edwin Jewett: Prolonged Brain Dysfunction in COVID-19 Survivors: A Pandemic in its Own Right?

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We are running this post because Covid brain impairment is an important topic in its own right, and also to counter the dangerous patter we keep encountering in comments about how Covid is overblown because not all that many people die of it. This is “Oh, it’s no worse than the seasonal flu” 2.0, when no seasonal flu has reduced life expectancy or pushed hospitals across the US to their breaking point.

But the issue that this article highlights is that the danger of Covid goes far beyond the risk of death. For instance:

20% of Covid victims, including many who had asymptomatic cases, suffer from long Covid. The symptoms are severe enough to interfere with daily routines. If you’ve had mono as an adult, you’ll have an idea of the degree of debilitation

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