Yoda: The most comprehensive report on the motives behind what we call “medicine”

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Alert reader says:

In the last seven decades, the guardians of public health, instead of promoting health and preventing diseases, successfully managed to chip away the naturally synchronized and complex molecular dynamics of effective immunity and increased and shifted the population of induced diseases in young and old. Frequent use of drugs and pathogen‐specific vaccines are seeds of immune destruction that induce electrochemical sinkholes (mini electronic shocks) in time‐dependent circadian (biorhythms, the Yin‐Yang balance) of signal transduction mechanisms that primarily paralyze (exhaust) mitochondrial function, damage proton pumping and lead to initiation and progression of mild, moderate or severe diseases and death in young and old. ( More beneath fold)

Heavy propaganda and demands to over‐vaccinate young and old populations, including the current fear‐mongering on the covid‐19 situation and lockdown (Medical Marshal Law) with the goal to vaccinate the public globally make us wonder whether “Governments love pandemics… for the same reason they love war.…”*************** or this lockdown is a political ideology that experiments how to strip public freedom and dignity “replace freedom with the terrifying dreams of intellectuals….”
It's long, but eye-opening for most people.  The truth shall set us free.  Read Deceptology in cancer and vaccine sciences: Seeds of immune destruction‐mini electric shocks in mitochondria: Neuroplasticity‐electrobiology of response profiles and increased induced diseases in four generations – A hypothesis HERE

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