JC Cole: American Gray Swans – May 2021 # 1 “Warnings about Disaster!”

Cultural Intelligence, Earth Intelligence

We as Americans are really terrible about listening to and taking action on “Warnings about Disaster”. Here is an excellent short TED Talk about it (link). (If the link doesn’t work – web search it.) It is done by Sam Feinberg the Executive Director and Chief Operating Officer of Helena, a problem-solving institution that addresses urgent societal issues through for-profit, non-profit, and legislative action.

OUR SUPPLY CHAIN IS GUARANTEED TO COLLAPSE IN IT’S PRESENT POSITIONING, and that causes an Engineered Famine. Why? Because America imports 50% of it’s food, and that stops when the supply chain collapses. The other 50% of food that America grows itself is on average 1,500 miles away. For the East Coast it is 2,000 to 3,000 miles away. When the “Just in Time” Delivery system collapses then that food stops being delivered.

Covid-19 proved how vulnerable the supply chain is. And notice, nobody is doing anything to correct the true issues and remove the vulnerability. A vaccine does not remove the vulnerabilities of the supply chain collapse. Creating Food Security keeps us from a famine if the supply chain collapses, and is therefore a most important thing to do.

American Gray Swans are simply the events that can cause the collapse of the “Just in Time” delivery system. Some of the events are guaranteed to happen, the others have a very high probability to happen, we just don’t know when. Here is a quick review of the Gray Swans (link). If the link doesn’t work – web search it. Some events can be triggered by our enemies – either Foreign or Domestic. So our supply of food can end at anytime, can end from an Enemy attack or just a natural mishap. And when it does end it will create an engineered famine, chaos, and probably the end of our nation.

We are literally sitting ducks for disaster. That the Government and the Military are doing nothing about creating Food Security clearly indicates we are being set-up for collapse and a massive population decrease.

What do I see? A fake manufactured covid pandemic with a forced “volunteer” mandate taking of an experimental DNA altering toxic injection. The financial destruction of the middle class by government edict. A Supply Chain positioned for collapse. An unprotected electric grid wide open for destruction (The Government spent $10 trillion pacifying the public on covid relief, but could not spend $5 billion (0.005%) to protect and harden the US electric grid protecting America). A financial system and stock market on steroids completely disconnected from fundamentals. A Main Stream Media (MSM) promoting “Divide & Conquer” on every conceivable social vulnerability. Attacks across the globe on energy production and transportation. Approximately 10 flash-points to start WW III. Governments pre-positioning for a Space War. An attempted global monopoly on food, water, energy, and land by Globalist groups hiding behind the facade of “for the betterment of Humanity and to protect the children”. America armed to the teeth, continuously stressed, and purposely divided. Meanwhile the Earth is apparently expanding and tectonic activity along with volcanism is exponentially rising. Global weather patterns are changing causing a collapse in existing World food production systems as we enter a Solar Minimum. I am sure it is all Coincidence so ignore the evidence! What could possibly go wrong?

Add in that the physical US Grain Reserves known as the Bill Emerson Humanitarian Trust have been at zero (0) since 2008. In the infinite wisdom of the US Government – The USDA decided to convert all remaining physical grain reserves into its dollar equivalent. So America’s failsafe grain backup is digital dollars on a spreadsheet. No Food Security, no physical Grain Reserves, and our Supply Chain is guaranteed to collapse. Dam we are smart!

Did I miss anything? Oh yah, we now have an Alzheimer Patient in the White House with a Constitutionally unqualified back-up VP both placed by an apparently stolen election with the 3rd in a line to the President being a psychopathic octogenarian mafia princess. What could possibly go wrong?

That rumbling sound you hear in the Earth is not earth tremors but our Founding Fathers rolling over in their graves.

History is repeat with ignored warnings as far back as Noah and the Arc. Natural warnings of Vesuvius exploding for the people of Pompeii. Social warnings of the burning of Rome. Financial warnings of the 1929 stock market collapse. War warnings of the rise of the 3rd Reich. Terrorist warnings of the 911 attacks. Today all these areas are flashing red again! Wake up!

In closing, I have stressed in all Gray Swan articles that we do not have Food Security in America. We can not defend this country without food. If/when the supply chain goes down we have an engineered famine. That is Depopulation. Now put on your double masks, take numerous experimental DNA altering Toxic Jabs, get back on your corporate Hamster Wheel, and never ever question authority. And totally ignore all Warnings of our approaching Disasters.

As Trump said “A storm is coming”. It is a storm of Biblical proportions. Better build your own mini arc.

As Sam Feinberg clearly calls out in his Ted Talk we are positioned for a Catastrophic Blackout. That will shut down food, water, sanitation, and the supply chain. Hey, how about those Mets!

No Food = No America

J.C. Cole
American Heritage Farms



Our Heritage as Americans is our farms. Wake up!

All of my writings have patriotically been stored by Robert David Steele here American Gray Swans.

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