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Steele Report

2020 AUDIT        I've heard 1000 times. We have it all. Every text, email, the real vote, etc. What is the point of these audits if we already-know-the-facts?

ARISE    Which city will you visit in Maine and when?

ARISE    Wouldn't it be much more effective to incorporate the groundbreaking revelations and state assembly efforts of Anna Von Reitz into the tour?

ARISE    Why did Cynthia McKinney drop out of the tour?

ARISE    Can you include Shiva on your tour please. He is the best scientist/systems expert/vaccines depunker/ RFK jr depunker connecting him to Hillary

ARISE    Please explain why Sheriff Mack is stopping Anna from joining the Arise Tour. Is she a cabal plant?

ARISE    Is it true that Sheriff Mack is blocking Anna VonReitz from traveling with your tour?

Anna needs to be part of the tour

ARISE WORLD    Sacha Stone mentioned AriseWorld will launch May 5. Will an option to donate to an Australian Tour be set up? Any further world tour updates?

BODYALIGN       I'm a wireless expert. IMO, 5G is dangerous but BodyAlign is a scam. Are you concerned that this, once revealed, will reflect poorly on you and PBI?

BOOKS                 Do you have recommendation of any books/web sites that well describes USA defeat of WWII and holocaust by Israel, not by Nazis?

CLONES                 Can you provide any information on clones. I watched your one presentation by Tommy Williams, but i have many questions:

Can they think on their own? What keeps them from killing the original?  Do they posses free thought?  Where do they go? Stay? When not needed?  How long are they viable?   With no soul do they have a computer for a brain?

COVID   Will the healthcare industry be ruined once the public realizes COVID was a hoax? If that doesn't do it, what about med beds?

COVID     I'm beginning to see vaccinated people acting uncharacteristically nervous, mentally dull or getting into traffic accidents. Could this be a result of their vaccinations?

CV VAX                 Your thoughts on a vaccinated donor giving blood to a non vax, do you think spikes could be passed into the nonvax and then multiply?

CV VAX                 Horrible vaccine after effects prognosis.. Is this hype- scare? The military doesnt seem to care.

FACE TO FACE    SICK OF VIRTUAL: How do i find like minded folk in my area to actually meet and talk?

FLYER    Is there a sexy 1-pager we can hand to any local politician asking for our vote? The 12-step graphic seems like best overview now.

FULL DISCLOSURE            Are you open to adding another tab to your website, supporting full disclosure proponents, like Corey Goode, with links?

FUTURE                What can you tell the average person not connected to intelligence like some of us are, as to what to expect next?

GEN MILLEY        I understand that Gen Milley has stepped down. Any word as to why?

GEORGE WEBB  Do you consider George Webb an ally?

ICKE       Icke Beyond Classified calls Q & Qanons basically bullshit in his latest video? Let's break down Q and why Icke would go against Gen Flynn's message especially now.

IRS          do we have to still file taxes?

IRS          There are honest people in all federal agencies. What will happen to the honest employees, at the IRS?

IRS          If we owe federal income taxes for 2020, do you believe we will have to pay by May 17 … or ever?

JUAN O’SAVIN    Did Juan O' find part of General Yamashita's Gold?

JUAN O’SAVIN    You mentioned Juan's paid subscription service (context was PayPal issues). What is Juan's subscription? Newsletter? Live-streams? I can't find anything. Where may I find this?

KHAZARIAN MAFIA         Who or what is the Khazarian mafia and are they really the deep state globally?

LEAKED EMAIL  Leaked email had a sound blank- people in detention camps have two choices… what were the two choices? Get the jab or die?

MERCH     When will you have cartoon T-shirts available for sale? Love the MedBed one but also Cynthia/you or Cynthia/Trump!

MILITARY            Do you feel the military implicated & compromised as DARPA peeps coming forward now on MRNA?

MILITARY            Is USAF in violation of law (posse comitatus?) to advocate as authority for and deliver Covid shots to the public, are they now culpable/liable?

MILITARY            Much talk about ongoing Tribunal activities???? If military can do this, why can't they carry out obvious treasonous crimes before us.

MILITARY            Is USAF in violation of law (posse comitatus?) to advocate as authority for and deliver Covid shots to the public, are they now culpable/liable?

MOVIES CONTENT           What topics do you think the EBS “rolling movie” will address besides election fraud? Scamdemic, Pedophilia, Wall Street, ET, 9/11, JFK, Holocaust, Tesla, QFS, God?

PAYPAL DEPLATFORM   How can we continue to support you and your efforts? Please let us know best method to use for the monthly subscriptions.

PBI         is the mongoose picture on PBI a coded picture from Operation Mongoose in Cuba? –with tie-in to JFK as we currently battle socialist-communist deep state?

PETER THIEL       Is Peter Thiel white hat or Black Hat? – it appears he is basically the funding head of a global intelligence network out to sink American or Is So Deep UnderCover You Cant Tell

PUBLIC EDUCATION        Will public education change as we go through these changes and how can I help with these changes

PYRAMID UFOS      Pyramid over white house 2019 (fox news), Pyramid over Moscow 2009. What's your opinion of what they are?

RIGGED SYSTEM               CA votes to recall Newsom, but CA elections have been rigged for years. Solution??

ROBOTICS           I say that promoting low-cost robotics will expand the middle class and expand the wealth of the nation enormously. Am I wrong?

SEALED INDICTMENTS   I have seen repeated claims of nearly 2,000 “sealed indictments” against deep state actors. Supposedly Gitmo expanded to accommodate them. What is the trigger?

SIMON     Could you please explain to Simon that having a paid monthly subscription can help him with answering his 34,000+ emails? We are under psychic/demonic attack.

TRUMP                So Juan now says Trump will return before NEXT YEAR…………….WTF…..Are they wanting a CIVIL WAR 2.0…..HOT WAR?

WEALTH INEQUALITY     Do you believe it is natural for humans to live under such extreme wealth concentration? Will anything be done to change this?

YOUR MOM       Curious how you were doing, wife, mother, family? You have a lot on your plate, hope you are all supporting each other.


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