Answers on OSINT for India 46: OSINT Training Done Right? None


Sir, an official recently asked about institutions capable of training in OSINT in India. All those that i know about teach about internet surfing.

Do you know any institutions in India that can impart true OSINT training or any officials who had been trained by you or your company?

SHORT ANSWER: No one, anywhere, does OSINT training correctly.


Here are the handbooks I have noted over time.

I wrote the only original holistic OSINT Handbooks that treat OSINT as HUMINT and will not repeat all the information I offer in the Answers for India series.  The NATO OSINT Handbook remains the best in class offering, along with my lecture for the Ministry of Defence in Denmark in 2016, but both need to be updated and extended. If I were to get an Open Source Agency, the creation of a holistic and comprehensive OSINT curriculum in all languages would be one of its highest priorities.  Another priority of the OSA would be to create Open Source Centers in every country, cadred by the military but including representatives from the other seven information tribes, so as to create the World Brain.

One more time: anyone stupid enough to think that OSINT is about social media or online surfing should be fired, they are a danger to their colleagues.

I am pre-occupied right now with ARISE USA The Resurrection Tour— please JOIN THE FIGHT — but would welcome any opportunity to discuss with senior military officers the need for a national campaign, led by the military, to make India a Smart Nation with a ruthless counterintelligence service that focuses first on the British and the Zionists that have penetrated and are manipulating all aspects of the Indian economy, government, and society.

Here is the briefing that led General Peter Schoomaker, CINCSOC, to create the only functional OSINT center ever to exist in the USA in modern times; and my briefing for India that was evidently not circulated properly.

1997 CINCSOC 10-Minute Briefing That Created SOF OSINT

2016 Robert Steele: The Ultimate Hack – Resilient Villages, Smart Cities, Prosperous Nations at Peace — and Unlimited Clean Water

God is great. God has a plan. The day will come when holistic analytics, true cost economics, and Open Source Everything Engineering are the foundation for the resurrection of human intelligence, integrity, and imagination. I am quite certain that India, not China and not Russia, is the one place where a national commitment to OSINT could be transformative, and quickly so.


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