Ann Delap: Fall of the Cabal Sequel Part 16

Earth Intelligence, Extraterrestial Intelligence, Peace Intelligence
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Part 16
This episode reveals the truth about chemtrails and electronic smog. Chemtrails, once dismissed as a “conspiracy theory”, have now been acknowledged by our government as a geoengineering project to reverse global warming. A toxic stew of heavy metals has been spewed into the atmosphere for decades to reflect the sun away from the earth, which we are supposed to believe is in our best interest. The reality is that chemtrails have poisoned our soil, air and water. They have diminished our vitamin D levels, caused headaches and burning eyes and contributed to Altzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease.
Electrosmog is everywhere in the form of electromagnetic fields. Cordless phones, cell phones, microwave ovens, wi-fi, baby monitors and smart meters are just a few of the things that emit harmful EMFs. A typical cell phone is 200 billion times stronger than the body’s own electrical current! Studies have shown that high frequency electromagnetic fields cause chronic fatigue, a decrease in melatonin, infertility, blood clots (which are linked to pulmonary embolisms, heart attacks and strokes), cell mutations, altered electrical brain activity leading to behavioral disorders (ADD and ADHD), ALS, MS, depression, inflammation, allergies and cancer. A lot of electromagnetic peaks occur at night when people are asleep, causing oxygen levels to drop. This can result in headaches, dizziness, body and joint pain, restless legs, heart palpitations and nose bleeds. Little wonder many people feel bad when they awake in the morning!
However, the most potentially deadly form of electrosmog is 5G. The radiation currently emitted by 4G and 5G cell towers is 3.5 GHz (sub 6 GHz band). The plan is to gradually increase the frequency to 28 GHz, then to 60 GHz with 5G transmitters installed every 200 meters. Self-driving cars will require wi-fi tunnels or hot spots that operate at 60 GHz. At this level, the electrons in oxygen atoms start to spin. Oxygen cannot be absorbed by blood cells, and people suffer asphyxia and die.

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