Sheriff Mack Issues Posse Alert: Window to Investigate Voter Fraud Is Closing

Constitution, Corruption, Crime (Government), CSPOA, Election Fraud


Today, during the Tuesday live Posse members webinar, Sheriff Mack issued an alert to posse members and others interested in investigating election fraud in the United States. Sheriff Mack reminded the posse that the statute of limitations for initiating an election fraud investigation for the 2020 National Election will be September 3rd, 2022.

Mack encouraged all those in attendance and those listening later to “Act Now” and contact their local sheriff and police organizations asking them to investigate the 2020 election within their jurisdiction.

Compelling evidence exists suggesting that election fraud may have indeed influenced the results of the 2020 elections. But it cannot be known to what extent fraud, if any, exists without further and continued investigations.

Please take the time to contact your sheriff and police organizations before this short window of opportunity closes.

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