Robert Steele with Angie Blake (2:06): #UNRIG vs HR 1 Election Reform 2019 — Includes Mention of Howard Schultz

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Robert Steele with Angie Blake: America 2.0 Update — Open Source Intelligence, #UNRIG Election Reform, Pedophilia — Terminating #GoogleGestapo — Indictment of Clintons AND Robert Mueller

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Alert Reader: God, Man, & #UNRIG

Graphic Source Alert Reader writes in: Robert, obviously you have overcome a lot of obstacles to remain standing and to have developed #UNRIG. You have paid your dues in spades. It seems exceedingly clear to me that you could never have accomplished all this without God Almighty’s help. Obviously He has His hand on your life …

SPECIAL: Moves Plants, Bags, Firewood….Plus 15% Discount with Code #UNRIG

This cart is as good a deal as can be found anywhere, and I am happy to say that it is machined perfectly — every piece fit, it was easy to assemble, and it rolls and turns beautifully. Tub comes off easily if you want to stack firewood or move multiple bags of mulch. From …

Robert Steele with Sarah Westall: Deep State Election 2020 #UNRIG to Cleanse White House & Congress

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Mike Adams: Article and Stunning Video on Democrats as the Party of Mass Mental Illness – the Answer? #WalkAway Plus #UNRIG

Stunning video: See why Democrats are now the party of mass mental illness “Unhinged” doesn’t even begin to describe the lunatic behavior of left-wing activists. One left-wing professor named Christine Fair recently said that conservative (GOP) senators should be murdered, have their genitals cut off, and then their genitals should be fed to pigs. Mental …

DefDog: FCC Lied to Congress — Without #UNRIG, Congress Will Continue to Sell Out the 99%

Breaking news: the FCC just finally admitted that it lied to Congress and the public when it claimed that a “cyber attack” took down its website at the exact moment that pro net neutrality comments were flooding in from John Oliver’s viral broadcast on the topic.1 Lawmakers are paying attention to this debacle. We need …

Jon Rappoport: #UNRIG Two Party Tyranny Eliminates Choice — Our Founding Fathers Foresaw This

Engineering perception for “the new world” John Adams, in the early days of the Republic, saw it correctly and saw it exactly: “There is nothing which I dread so much as a division of the republic into two great parties, each arranged under its leader, and concerting [organizing] measures in opposition to each other. This, in …

#WalkAway: Democratic Party Implodes, But President Trump Still Needs #UNRIG To Achieve #MAGA

Viral ‘Walk Away’ Videos Highlight Growing Movement of Democrats Leaving the Party When actor James Woods tweeted out the hashtag “#WalkAway” in late June, even the alt-right missed the enormity of what lay beneath it. The Democratic Party had, in fact, struck an iceberg. “I reject a system which allows an ambitious, misinformed and dogmatic …

#UNRIG Robert Steele Speaking at Rolling Thunder

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