Eagle: Deep State in Fear, Going for the Guns

DO NOT  MISS THE #UNRIG TRUTH TOUR!  https://bigbatusa.org  15 May to 6 September — EPIC!   Kamala Harris is Lying. She and Others are Coming After Your Guns – Guns in the News SEN. SCHUMER, ARBITER OF EVIL, HANGS SINFUL LABEL ON FIREARM RETAILERS – Guns in the News  

Eagle: Why COVID Doctors May Be Prosecuted Under Nuremberg Code

An increasing focus among lawyers filing lawsuits against perpetrators of the COVID19 mass vaccination debacle are prosecutions of doctors violating the international Nuremberg Code. Here, we examine what the Code requires of all medical doctors. In a recent video, Immunology expert Dr. Dolores Cahill and Trial attorney Dr. Reiner Fuellmich discussed specific adverse outcomes – …

Eagle: The Talmud Is Not the Bible and the Rothschilds Rule All

Alert Reader shares these insights: You will find a review of the Talmud in the “On The Jewish Question in Europe” published in “La Civilta Cattolica” in 1890 that predicted the Talmudic Jewish overthrow in Europe in 1933 in the next link. The most exhaustive treatise on this subject is the “Jewish Revolutionary Spirit” by …

Eagle: Electric Vehicles Are Not Sustainable – 60 – 1 Loss Ratio on Battery Energy

Alert Reader writes in. It takes 60kw to produce 1kw of lithium battery capacity. Sustainable electric eehicles demand that we use less neodymium, cobalt and lithium. To say that we, as a society, are complicit in gross negligence by buying today’s 1.5 to 3 tonne Electric vehicles would be a massive understatement of the first …

Eagle: North Dakota Tells Biden To Suck It

North Dakota taking steps to nullify ALL of Joe Biden’s unconstitutional laws and executive The actual adopted Bill 1164 after revisions House Bill No. 1164 – Sixty-seventh Legislative Assembly of North Dakota – LC Number 21.0492.03000 (nd.gov)