Eagle: The Talmud Is Not the Bible and the Rothschilds Rule All

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Alert Reader shares these insights:

You will find a review of the Talmud in the “On The Jewish Question in Europe” published in “La Civilta Cattolica” in 1890 that predicted the Talmudic Jewish overthrow in Europe in 1933 in the next link. The most exhaustive treatise on this subject is the “Jewish Revolutionary Spirit” by E. Michael Jones. This combined with his “Barren Metal” covers the entire subject including usury. Jones has been banned by Amazon, and Youtube, and most of the internet earning the wrath of the ADL though he is completely within the Catholic tradition of Pope Leo XIII who was a mortal enemy of Baron Eduard de Rothschild. In other words, fundamental Christianity is banned in the west and the US in particular. There is total censorship as you might expect in a communist country.

Karaite Jewish Citizen Rights Protected by German National Socialism || Anonymous (Guest Writer)

Barren metal follows Aristotle in that the gold cannot create its own children so that if I lend you all the gold in the world say 180,000 tons at ten percent interest or usury due in a year, then at the end of the year you cannot pay it as the 18,000 tons of interest does not exist. This is proof that the usury system which is a sin system does not work as it cannot create its own liquidity. John Maynard Keynes's teacher at Cambridge, Alfred Marshall, struggled with this issue of barren metal and could not solve it. I presented this problem to my colleagues at the Board of Governors in Washington, and New York Federal Reserve who at first recoiled in disbelief and later came back to say it was true and we are all dead in the end anyway a la Keynes. I said the issue is whether we go to Heaven or not and they agreed off the record.

Today, of course, there is no gold standard but a fiat money standard which is totally fictitious and based on a faith in nothing. This has by extension become the control mechanism as described by Lord Bertrand Russell in his book “The ABC of Relativity”. First, we will look at Bertrand's analysis of the Einstein Jewish Science called relativity.

In this book he faults the fact that the theory of relativity is based only on the Fitzgerald Contraction which states that the measuring instruments in the Michaelson-Morely (MM) interferometer experiment shrank at the same degree as would be required to show the earth moved around the sun as MM showed no earthly movement. The Lorentz Transformation reduced this to mathematical equations. Later in the book he accepts this Fitzgerald contraction as the truth when it was absurd, and thus his book in internally incoherent. Georges Sagnac to test MM tried to measure the rotation of the aether and the sun around the earth and did measure an aether resistance of about 24 hours a day for the rotation thus proving there was an aether. This is called the Sagnac effect. He thus proved the earth did not move around the sun. I worked this analysis out with the physicist John Archibald Wheeler who said my analysis was correct though heretical.

What Lord Russell said about currency abstraction which rules the world today was this:

The power of these manipulations are described by Lord Bertrand Russell as follows quoted from page 144 from his “ABC of Relativity”:

 “Abstraction, difficult at it is, is the source of practical power. A financier, whose dealings with the world are more abstract than any other practical man, is also more powerful than any other practical man. He can deal in wheat or cotton without needing ever to have seen either: all he needs to know is whether they will go up or down.” Of course, he achieves this stock or commodity movement through manipulation by naked shorting or the use of cash settlement.

It was through the barren nature of gold that the Jewish usurers took over England under Edward the Pious who confiscated their gold and expelled them ending their control of the Kingdom. All the borrowers eventually defaulted. The true meaning behind the desire of Shylock in the “Merchant of Venice” for his pound of flesh was that usury was a control mechanism and when the angelic judge offered him a multiple of his gold, he declined wanting the pound of flesh to kill Signor Antonio as a threat to their world control as the usury system was his control mechanism which is no different than today for if you interfere as E. Michael Jones does in his books with that control mechanism they regard it as a mortal threat and you are banned. Jones was a pinprick. If he really challenged the control mechanism, then he would be a threat to their control of the world through the central bank system and he would be annihilated.

The Duke of Marlborough was controlled by the Jew Medina.

“The Jew Medina,” as he was popularly called, held a position of prominence in connection with the English forces. During the War of the Spanish Succession (1702–14) he accompanied the Duke of Marlborough on his campaigns, advanced him funds, and furnished provisions for the troops.

A speech by HRH The Prince of Wales at the pre-Chanukah reception at Buckingham Palace

In thinking of links between the Crown and British Jewry, I can never forget that the first Jewish knight, created by Queen Anne, was Sir Solomon de Medina, who provided vital supplies for the British Army under the Duke of Marlborough to win the decisive Battle of Blenheim.

The Duke's descendant was Sir Winston Churchill, a Harrow faggot, that was controlled by Baron Eduard de Rothschild who promoted him to Prime Minister to destroy Hitler as he had earlier destroyed the Tsar using Parvus as his agent. What is forgotten is that Hitler was directly created by the Baron who by destroying Europe by World War One to destroy the Tsar he created his own nemesis causing him to flee Paris for his life as the German troops marched into Paris singing songs of hatred against usury.

Fall of Eagles – Sealed Train Decision (9m)

In the United States the Baron set up the Groton faggot Roosevelt by fixing the gubernatorial election in 1928 by Jacob Schiff buying the votes from Boss Flynn in the Bronx. Corruption in US elections is nothing new. Roosevelt was to become President after the Baron got rid of the Republicans by the depression not too different in what they did to Trump with the lockdowns. Then, he made a fortune in gold by buying it in and having Roosevelt devalue the dollar. The Baron also cleaned up in the German hyperinflation of 1920-1923 that he created through his Rudolf Havenstein, President of the Reichbank, stealing all the wealth of Germany.

It is interesting if you follow the history of the faggots' children those of Roosevelt became nothings and those of Churchill met bad ends through suicide, drunkenness, etc. The sins of the father are visited on the children. Sir Winston destroyed the entire British Empire in World War Two compounding their participation in World War One. They were bankrupt in 1945. They violated their cardinal rule to rule the seas and never become overly engaged in European wars. There were only 23,000 English troops at the Battle of Waterloo versus 3,820,000 troops in World War One. Baron Eduard de Rothschild had instigated this war by arranging for the assassination of Archduke Ferdinand as indicated in the novel “The Thirty-Nine Steps” by John Buchan in 1915 who was formerly Secretary to Rothschild's 1st Viscount Milner.

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