Robert Steele: Is Mike Pence About to Go Away?

This quacks like a duck saying Mike Flynn for VP toward transition, #UNRIG Election Reform Act, and completely new elections this summer. Judas Mike Pence Joins Aaron Burr and Benedict Arnold, Part One Mike Pence, Water Boy for the Deep State, Part Two Satan’s Minions, the Financiers of Michael R. Pence, Part 3

Joachim Hagopian: John Roberts and Mike Pence – Deep State Enemies Inside the Gate

This is chapter 44 in the  digital online series on Pedophilia & Empire: Satan, Sodomy, and the Deep State, free online at and also in Kindles form (chapters) and print form (4 of 5 books published to date. The author is a graduate of West Point and a former US Army officer who earned …