Joachim Hagopian: John Roberts and Mike Pence – Deep State Enemies Inside the Gate

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This is chapter 44 in the  digital online series on Pedophilia & Empire: Satan, Sodomy, and the Deep State, free online at and also in Kindles form (chapters) and print form (4 of 5 books published to date. The author is a graduate of West Point and a former US Army officer who earned a degree in Clinical Psychology and worked as a licensed therapist in the mental health industry for over 25 years, inclusive of work with children. Almost every endnote is linked to the original source of each datum.

John Roberts and Mike Pence: Treasonous Trump Deep State Enemies Inside the Gate

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Chief Justice John Roberts & a multitude of powerful individuals worldwide are being blackmailed in a horrendous scheme involving rape & murder of children captured on videotape. I have the key to the files containing the videos. I have also shared this information. Trump Attorney Lin Wood, January 4, 2021[1]

Lyn Wood validates as proven evidence everything this book series has documented in fully explicit detail. When the attorney of the President of the United States, an established legal expert in defamation law no less, boldly, unequivocally asserts that the United States Supreme Court Chief Justice and the US Vice President are treasonous pedophiles, with John Robert’s name repeatedly listed on Epstein flight logs and a photo circulating with Roberts swimming in Caribbean waters with an infamous pedophile and frequent Epstein Orgy Island guest President Bill Clinton, it becomes very difficult to dismiss or simply write off as false or bogus.

The fact that the pay-to-lie mainstream media so vehemently denies the veracity of Lin Wood’s statement only makes it more credible. Combine all this with Chief Justice Roberts’ also confirmed illegal acquisition of his adopted Irish children as child trafficking victims in South America,[2] and the religiously conservative Opus Dei member’s compiled track record in the US Supreme Court, only makes sense after being thoroughly compromised and blackmailed by the international pedo-cabal, which is precisely how the criminal Anglo-American-Zionist Empire works.

But then the MSM propaganda mill for days is spewing out nonstop lies, ever since the January 6, 2021 Capitol building was stormed by alleged Trump supporters that were all “worked up” into rioting when they were not even present for Trump’s speech hundreds of yards away. Trump purposely arrived late for his speech about the same time when the Capitol building was under attack, thus eliminating any connection between his words and the actions taking place a significant distance away. The big cover-up is that Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, DC Mayor Muriel Bowser and Metro Police very likely conspired to arrange the false flag attack after recruiting Soros funded Antifa thugs[3] to crash the joint session of Congress counting electoral votes that included a small minority of Republicans airing their objections to the fraudulent election results.[4] The conspicuously undermanned Capitol contingent of Washington DC police were in on it, seen on camera ushering the so called “terrorists” into the Capitol Building,[5] and when an Antifa provocateur began breaking the Capitol window, Trump supporters grabbed the thug to stop him from committing vandalism. The murderers of the four fatalities were not Trump supporters but likely state agents Antifa and police. The Democratic Party leaders like Senator Chuck Schumer and Speaker Pelosi are the desperate true insurrectionist traitors that, aside from the shooters, bear most responsibility for the deaths. Nancy Pelosi’s laptop was confiscated by white hat intel undercover operatives having infiltrated Antifa months earlier. Lots of deeply incriminating evidence on Pelosi’s computer will determine that the Democrats like her are the individuals who possess the most means and motivation to gain by staging their heinous false flag attack. With so much at stake, the Deep State will resort to no limits to hide the sinister truth and crush the patriot movement, even deploying a Gladio-like terrorist operation.

Yet another indicator that John Roberts is a globalist criminal is his apparent close affiliation with the Catholic military Order of the Knights of Malta.[6] Not only is he a card-carrying member of the secret Catholic Opus Dei Order, but a close associate if not member of the Malta Knights as well. All these secret societies pledge allegiance and loyalty to the Pope, a criminal, and not the US Constitution or We the People. It’s been revealed that the Pope was caught leading the CCP-Democrat stolen election coup.[7] And we’ve learned through close examination of the earth’s pedo-scourge, that all roads lead to Rome.[8] Recall the Franklin scandal pipeline to DC originated at Catholic Boys Town. John Roberts is yet another alleged abomination of the inverse Luciferian World Order, serving his overlord masters running the global pedophilia plague. The Chief Justice’s wife, Jane Sullivan Roberts, is a Jesuit trustee of her alma mater Holy Cross College and her law degree comes from Jesuit Georgetown University.[9] As a high-powered attorney and globalist at heart, Jane consults numerous Pilgrims Society owned transnationals in technology, law and Big Pharma.

Way back on June 29, 2020, more than four months ahead of the presidential election, attorney Lin Wood made the following tweet about Chief Justice John Roberts:

A ‘John Roberts’ flew on Jeffrey Epstein’s private jet on at least 2 occasions – 3/22/10 & 2/10/11. Chief Justice John Roberts was sworn into office 9/29/05 [appointed by criminal cabal President George W. Bush]. How many times did Chief Justice Roberts join liberals as the swing vote PRIOR to 2/10/11? How many times SINCE 2/10/11?[10]

In a Twitter statement on December 17, 2020, shortly following the Supreme Court decision to turn down the State of Texas challenge that would have checkmated the fraudulent election results, Lin Wood tweeted:

The People have list of questions for CJ Roberts based on bizarre votes on major cases starting with Obamacare. But let’s ask him just two: 1. Are you the John Roberts on Epstein flight logs? 2. Did you say about @realDonaldTrump ‘the mother f#*ker’ would never be re-elected[11]

Wood maintains that he has “third party” evidence that in an August 2019 phone conversation with Justice Stephen Breyer, Roberts vowed that he would ensure that “the motherfucker [Trump] would never be re-elected.”

Also in 2019 Roberts decided that the 2020 census for the very first time would be forbidden to ask the basic, fundamental question about American citizenship status as mandated by the US Constitution, unprecedentedly preventing the federal government from determining how many US citizens live in each district for allocating both Congressional seats and federal funding purposes.[12] This decision reflects the Democrats’ open border policy and isn’t the first time that John Roberts’ vote acted as the pivotal “neo-liberal” globalist he is. Be it in favor of same sex marriage or the controversial Obamacare, Roberts’ record on the Supreme Court consistently demonstrates that he has ruled against his own conservative, religious values as a supposed devout Roman Catholic, begging answer to the question of whether he has been seriously compromised, which after over 15 years as America’s top judge, it seems definite that he is.

Dennis Montgomery, the gagged software contractor-turned-whistleblower who built and sold his Hammer surveillance system to the FBI, CIA and NSA, bravely exposed in a lawsuit traitors President Barack Obama, FBI Director James Comey (who in turn sold it to China),[13] NSA advisor James Clapper and CIA Director John Brennan.[14] They made the decision to criminally extend Montgomery’s spy system meant for foreign surveillance to invasively misuse it domestically against adversaries like Donald Trump both before and after becoming president and using it in the illegal takedown of Trump NSA Director General Michael Flynn. Surveillance was also directed at Chief Justice John Roberts along with 159 targeted federal judges.[15] The Dominion voter systems through its Scorecard and Hammer software was crucial in throwing the 2020 presidential election, treasonously stealing votes away from Trump to cheater Biden on November 3rd.[16] Roberts did his job for the cabal, ensuring the fake election of 2020 isn’t overturned, but exposing the treasonous high court of the land in the process.

With the Luciferian Deep State installing in 2005 one of its own as USA’s top judge in the judicial branch of government, another Luciferian Deep State implant had to be handpicked and put into place in order to replace President Trump in the executive branch. Enter former Indiana congressman and governor Mike Pence as Trump’s Vice President. Let’s probe mystery man Mike Pence’s career to discern who’s side he’s really on.

Right after his first presidential election back in November 2016, I wrote an article for Global Research entitled “President Trump: The Anti-Globalist USA Champion or just another Con Man Riding a Trojan Horse?” Based on his past, this analysis explored the prospect of Trump turning out to either be a rare good guy or a bad guy like all predecessors. Examining both Trump’s vice president and cabinet choices, I wrote:

More revealing bad news for us is coming from Trump’s closest team members in the process of selecting individuals to the various cabinet post ‘choices’ and key advisor positions. Quotation marks are used because those selections aren’t as often made by the president but are selected for him by the same elite that chose him. No doubt it happened with Obama and it’s happening again with Trump. Powerful oligarchs make such good ‘suggestions’ that the president just can’t refuse.[17]

Donald Trump’s presidency can be criticized for being surrounded by “bad advisors,” that is assuming Trump was the one who chose them, be it his entrusted treacherous son-in-law Jared Kushner, his Goldman Sachs alumni (Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin, former National Economic Council director Gary Cohn and former White House communications director Anthony Scaramucci, who on January 12, 2020 termed Trump’s “insurrection” attempts to right the wrong over his stolen election as “just raw evil coming from the President of the United States”[18]), untrustworthy generals (DoD Sec James Mattis, Homeland Security Secretary John Kelly and Herbert McMaster, who replaced Mike Flynn, ambushed by the Deep State just days into his job as National Security Advisor[19]), and finally those recycled Deep State neo-con dinosaurs (John Bolton and Elliott Abrams). Whether it was the Deep State imposing these bad actors on Trump or Trump’s own poor judgment, to this day they have not served him well. And perhaps the biggest “Et tu Brute” insider involuntarily planted by Deep State as Trump’s VP is Mike Pence. It’s been speculated that in Trump’s second term in office, provided there is one, the truly proven patriot General Michael T. Flynn could wind up his new Vice President, finally someone both President Trump and We the People can trust.[20]

Mike Pence has been a long-time Republican Party insider as well as cabal globalist who played a very shady hand as junior congressman during the 2001 anthrax scare that killed five people.[21] Overwhelming circumstantial evidence points to it being yet another Bush-Cheney top down inside job just a month after their “new Pearl Harbor” 9/11 inside job, launching their bogus War on Terror, this time using the anthrax letters as their weapon. Falsely blaming Saddam Hussein with biological WMDs, uttering the same lie that pushed America into its disastrous war against Iraq, Pence made the preposterous claim that al Qaeda terrorists sent the white poison to the two Democratic Senators Tom Daeshle and Patrick Leahy, posing the biggest obstacle to getting the pre-9/11 written Patriot Act passed, in effect, threatening all Congress members should they choose to not pass the landmark “surveillant state” legislation, aimed at crushing America’s constitutional rights in the name of national security.[22] Thus, Pence was selected by the cabal as a critical player in the deception leading the US to fight another costly war for the Greater Israel Project as well as launch the war intended to destroy our Constitution, that in 2021 if the Communist Marxist Democrats have their way, will be officially long gone.

Without any evidence and echoing VP Dick Cheney’s terrorist finger pointing, Congressman Mike Pence maintained that Saddam was behind the anthrax attacks, claiming he used a highly potent weapons grade strain untreatable by standard antibiotics.[23] By the way, Pence is on record fawning over war criminal Luciferian Cheney as the vice president he most wanted to emulate. Pence’s over-the-top anthrax scare provided such detailed leaked disinformation propaganda, it was subsequently refuted completely by all scientific investigators involved, indicating that the first term congressman was eagerly earning his cabal stripes as a co-conspiring insider. Pence was simply playing his scripted role as a minor cog in another big false flag wheel, executed by the evil Bush-Cheney gang.[24]  And as a result, without even reading the Patriot Act, an intimidated, easily manipulated Congress, fearing for their lives, nearly unanimously signed off on the Patriot Act that just like the Project for a New American Century neocons’ “new Pearl Harbor” false flag executed the year before, again it worked like a charm.

From the very get-go, Trump and Pence lined up as opposites, on virtually every major issue, right away a clear tipoff that the controllers wanted to ensure that their insurance policy having their go-to man ever-at-the-ready whenever Trump’s inevitable clock would run out and the wrecking ball would have to go. As the quintessential globalist, Pence always strongly supported the free trade and trade partnerships, the TPP that President Trump opposed and immediately put the kibosh on as soon as he got into office.[25]

The traditional cold war advocate Pence staunchly opposed both Putin and Assad, calling for a US no-fly zone in Syria that would have amounted to war against Russia,[26] whereby Trump made overtures of working together with Putin on ridding ISIS[27] and Middle East terrorists that previous administrations secretly created and supported as proxy war allies in their fake War on Terror.[28] With the US always at war 93% of its time in existence,[29] Trump has been the first US president in decades not to start another new war in the world. Instead, he actually began bringing troops home from Afghanistan and the Middle East.

From a February 2017 article written by Canadian author Henry Makow comes his take on now deceased Indiana videographer Tory Smith:

Child Protective Agencies, Immigration & Customs Enforcement, the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency and the CIA are running a massive child sex trafficking network[that] is credible. He says there are 39 Military Intelligence Laboratories (Milabs) operated by DARPA and the CIA, connected with child trafficking. This is consistent with Carolyn Hamlett reported on this [Henry Makow’s] website in 2012.[30]

Tory Smith openly accused Vice President Pence of being “a pedophile and child murderer,” and that Pence was the globalist system’s running mate choice foisted on Trump like VP Bush Senior on Reagan.[31] Moreover, a huge reason that General Mike Flynn lost his job as President Trump’s National Security Advisor after just 24 days is because Flynn was determined to take down the pedo-cabal, and among the politicians on the arrest list given to Flynn by the FBI was allegedly Pence’s undisclosed best friend. Through Obama who had fired General Flynn as his Defense Intelligence Agency director for warning him of the danger of ISIS that Obama supported, the pedo crime-cabal viewed Flynn as a top priority threat, especially after Flynn made reference prior to November election, the pedophilia evidence found by NYPD on disgraced congressman Anthony Weiner’s laptop.[32] Thus, speculation abounds over Pence, Obama, the Clintons and the entire pedo-network maliciously gunning for the general’s downfall, as well as whether accused pedophile Mike Pence murdered Tory Smith out of revenge for exposing him and the larger cabal.

Shortly after his wife Barbara Bush died, on September 10, 2018 former President George Herbert Walker Bush was allegedly indicted on a series of high crimes that included racketeering, child sex trafficking and money laundering.[33] The long arm of global insurrectionist gangster George Soros had invested in Bush’s Barrick Gold’s global plundering of Africa, South America as well as Nevada, Montana and Arkansas. Through George Bush Senior, the Luciferian plot materialized ever closer to One World Government and Bush’s oft repeated announcement ushering in his New World Order. But under President Trump, his crimes against children and humanity finally caught up to him.

An insider appointed by President George H.W. Bush to be a member on the Board of Directors of the National Center for Injury Prevention and Control within the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, on a video podcast comments how at George Bush Senior’s funeral on December 5, 2018, special envelopes were handed out to selected VIP attendees.[34] They included Bush sons George W. and his wife Laura along with brother Jeb Bush, also Bill and Hillary Clinton, Barack and Michele Obama, Joe and Jill Biden, Dick Cheney and his protégé Vice President Mike Pence and his wife Karen. Of the past presidents in attendance, only Jimmy Carter did not receive an envelope.

When Laura Bush showed Jeb the content of the note inside the envelope, allegedly stating “They [President Trump and his Administration] know everything. Sorry,” signed George H.W. Bush, Jeb’s face flushed instant dread, clearly, viscerally shaken to his core. The commenting former insider said “Pence was the Bush insurance policy,” explaining why Trump’s standing VP also received his notice. Similar to how former CIA Director Bush Senior was imposed upon Ronald Reagan as his Deep State running mate, who a month into the Reagan presidency is alleged to have had him nearly assassinated,[35] the Deep State also forced Trump to include as his vice president longtime cabal company man Mike Pence. With Melania and Donald Trump sitting next to the Obamas at the Bush funeral, Trump’s bold strategic move had discreetly placed all these treasonous war criminals on notice in the very public setting of a state funeral with all eyes of the world captivatingly watching.

The above designated individuals, all key players in the treasonous Bush-Cheney-Clinton-Obama-Biden-Pence crime family cartel and larger pedophilia cabal mafia, are all subject to Trump’s Executive Order signed December 20, 2017, proclaiming that both foreign nationals as well as Americans engaging in “human rights abuse or corruption” to include human trafficking and sedition be prosecuted to the full extent of the law involving frozen assets and property forfeiture.[36] By December 2018 with the Executive Order in effect for nearly a year, Trump and company had utilized a secret military tribunal to try the aging daddy Bush, found him guilty and allegedly executed the pedophile-child trafficker by lethal injection on November 30, 2018.[37] Recall that both the Finders as well as the Franklin scandals were George H.W. Bush affairs. Bush crimes even go back to his Dallas co-conspirator role in the JFK assassination. Similarly, in September 2018, Trump had set up the same fate for “cancer-stricken” John McCain,[38] convicting the no war hero-fellow traitor reputedly steeped in both terrorism and child sex trafficking.

When Trump put Pence in charge of the administration’s Covid-19 response, the VP immediately brought in eugenicist Bill Gates’ proteges Drs. Fauci and Birx, the National Institute of Health, and World Health Organization, all to repeatedly lie to the American public while imposing a crippling lockdown wiping out small businesses, raising unemployment, panic, depression, suicide, domestic violence and child sexual abuse, over what?[39] A fake pandemic to deploy Hegelian draconian tactics to eliminate whatever liberty and constitutional rights haven’t already been destroyed by the cabal.

More evidence of the real Mike Pence was graphically illustrated by his December 2020 televised publicity stunt of him and his wife receiving their Covid-19 vaccine shot,[40] no doubt just as fake as the scamdemic itself. The Vice President was making the democide rounds, a couple days earlier taking a tour of a bio-weapons manufacturing facility called Catalent in Bloomington, Indiana, accompanied by Health and Human Services Secretary Alex Azar, Centers for Disease Control Prevention Director Dr Robert Redfield and Indiana Governor Eric Holcomb. Pence boasted of the “medical miracle” on how fast the untested vaccine was “warp-speeded,” bypassing all safety protocols in order to deliver a dangerous DNA altering eugenics weapon for global depopulation. A salient article from comes full circle, entitled, “Mike Pence Gives Approval for Illegal Biological Weapons P-4 Laboratory in Indiana. Is Working with Rothschild and Pilgrims to Exterminate Humanity with Bioweapons Called Vaccines.”[41] Catalent is closely linked to the Pilgrims Society, MI6, the CIA, the Carlisle Group, Rothschild banking consortium, the Queen, and her and Bill Gates’ Pirbright Institute that secured the Covid-19 patent prior to outbreak.

And then on January 6, 2021, Vice President Pence committed his latest big crime – treason at the Capitol’s electoral voting certification, betraying both his boss and the American people, rubberstamping the Communist-Marxist CCP controlled Democrat Party coup attempt to steal the election with the worst, most flagrant fraud and corruption committed in all of American history.[42] It’s not the first time either, Pence betrayed Trump already back in October 2016 when headlines of Trump’s womanizing exploits surfaced,[43] Pence is alleged to have plotted with then Speaker of the House Paul Ryan to replace Trump the candidate based on recent uncovered emails.[44] With DC pedo-cockroaches running for their lives under the probable invocation of the Insurrection Act of 1807, Big Media spreads fake news of record breaking Covid cases,[45] just as Big Tech censorship reaches an all-time high.[46] Dissent is being criminalized on a massive, unprecedented scale. Meanwhile, the entire world is waking up to these crimes against humanity while the pedo-crime emperors are caught yet again wearing no clothes.

In all likelihood prior to running for president, the Republican establishment made a deal with Trump that in order for him to become president, he must accept Mike Pence as his running mate. Having a globalist as the next man in charge, should Trump suddenly go down, doesn’t bode well for Trump in his campaign promise to “drain the swamp.” If President Trump followed through battling to “drain the swamp” during his first term in office, he most likely would have been assassinated like the last president that decided on taking the road less travelled. As it is, a number of assassination attempts have been circumvented amidst a nonstop assault on his presidency[47] and unprecedented number of impeachments (after several attempts a second one with a week left in his first term),[48] never has a US president ever been subjected to so much opposition and vicious attacks at every turn. It’s all too obvious that the international crime cabal fears Donald Trump because he fights for America as a sovereign independent nation (unlike every globalist president after John Kennedy) and has explicitly, repeatedly vowed to fight the rampant worldwide child sex trafficking network. The global pedophilia cabal wants him gone immediately because he is such a threat to powerful totalitarian traitors with so much power to lose.

Just two days after the Bush state funeral on Day of Infamy December 7th, 2018, the reappointment of Bush Senior’s CIA implanted Attorney General and Deep State fixer William Barr took place [again],[49] and right up to his Christmas 2020 resignation, AG Barr appeased and pleased the cabal crime family to ensure that very little of the swamp would be further drained during the remainder of Trump’s first term in office.[50] And with the recent stolen election, still embedded Deep State crime family criminals controlling the CIA, FBI, DOJ, Big Media, Big Pharma and Big Military Industrial Complex by all means necessary are still determined to deny Trump his second term, which ultimately spells treasonous end for virtually all Deep State cabal players. Holding off until the true enemies of the state showed their seditionist hand, hanging themselves legally in the process, the traitors of the United States, both foreign and domestic, are being prosecuted in military tribunals because America’s judicial system is just too far gone in corruption to do its job.[51] Guantanamo Prison stands to be a very busy place in 2021. Bring on the Truth and Reconciliation Commissions.

Only through a gradual, incremental small step process is the American public and world being shown the full dark and ugly truth of how the system has become so saturated, infested and rotten to the core with sodomite Luciferian cannibals. Pedophilia & Empire is but part of this all-important process, disseminating information as the earth is purged of its Satanic occult rot, having been exposed as never before, the less than human hybrid slavemasters of the Old World Order are now going down, giving way to the earth’s cleansing and ascension to higher dimensions.


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