Graphic: Four National Reforms

Advanced Cyber/IO, Balance, Capabilities-Force Structure, Leadership-Integrity, Reform, Strategy-Holistic Coherence
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Graphic: OSINT Support to Four Levels of Analysis

Advanced Cyber/IO, Analysis, Balance, Innovation, Leadership-Integrity, Multinational Plus, Reform, Strategy-Holistic Coherence
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This is the slide that grabbed General Peter Schoomaker, USA (Ret), the ONLY Army flag officer that has ever understood OSINT in detail.  General Schoomaker’s intelligence and integrity are the sole reason the U.S. Government has today exactly ONE serious OSINT capability as represented by J-23 at the U.S. Special Operations Command (USSOCOM).  Everything else is fluff, lip service, and broken promises.

Graphic: Pre-Conditions of Revolution

Advanced Cyber/IO, Analysis, Balance, Leadership-Integrity, Reform, Strategy-Holistic Coherence
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The 1976 graduate thesis has not, to the  best of our knowledge, been superceeded.  It could certainly be improved and updated.  At the end it provides an operationalization (specification of data elements to be collected and analyzed) for each of the pre-conditions of revolution.

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