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There is nothing new about open source information.  What is new about open source intelligence

(ethical evidence-based decision-support based solely on open, legal, ethical sources and methods)

is the attempt to fully integrate the proven process of intelligence

(requirements definition, collection management, source discovery and validation, multi-source fusion (both machine and human), visualization (both machine and human), analytic tradecraft, and communication to those who wish to make an informed decision).

Intelligence is DECISION-SUPPORT.  It is required at four levels (strategic, operational, tactical, technical) across all mission areas, and is best when it is holistic — most of what the secret world does is NOT intelligence, it is merely classified spending with very little decision support resulting.

Note: the hardest problem for any intelligence professional is finding a customer with integrity who actually wants to make a decision based on ethical evidence-based decision support.   Most customers are arrogant, ignorant, and generally corrupt to the bone, making decisions on the basis of what they think they know, or what someone has paid them to think is in their selfish interest.  This is why we have wasted so much blood, treasure and spirit (the national soul is black right now) since 2000.

The second hardest problem is achieving the moral and intellectual mind-shift away from drowning in money and inputs that emphasize technology, and migrating toward the more professional focus on humans and outputs — decision-support.  That is the second hardest because it can be achieved without demanding that the consumer have integrity — only the intelligence professional needs to reconnect with their integrity (in the holistic all source sense).

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Search: environment and the 21st century naval war at sea

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15 searches for this phrase today.  It's really three completely different concepts:

01  21st Century war at sea (submarine, surface, air, and electromagnetic)

02  21st Century sea control (special focus on non-state maritime actors)

03  21st Century maritime environment (Arctic, rising sea level, pollution, fisheries, minerals, role of the ocean as source for desalinated water, infinite free energy).

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China's new emphasis on maritime power does not in any way justify the insane “pivot to Asia.”  There is no pivot to Asia, to do so would be to put the US Navy into the same sad position that the US Army now occupies, having been put into Afghhanistan and Iraq on the basis of hundreds of lies and multiple acts of treason by political “leaders” who betrayed the public trust.

If someone wants to send an email to robert.david.steele.vivas [at] gmail [dot] com, interested in discussing the context for the query.  Below are a few hits from both Phi Beta Iota and the broader Internet, with a special tribute to Col Dr. Max Manwaring, who understood environmental security decades before everyone else.  Neither NMITC nor MCIA are serious about strategic intelligence — it would be quite useful to get a DEEP BLUE SHALLOW BROWN team together that is.

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Search: NATO SOCOM Open Source Agency

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This is an emerging possibility.  Below is the original but newly revised link on the Open Source Agency.  Central to the revision is the growing understanding within NATO, SOCOM, and AFRICOM that “traditional” C2 (proprietary) and “traditional” intelligence (secret) are Dead on Arrival (DOA).  The new meme within official circles is Alternative C2 and Alternative ISR.  Both are open.  At least one OSD principal is starting to wrap their mind around this, and NDU may be the surprise catalyst for change.

2013 Open Source Agency: Executive Access Point 2.0

Here is the memorandum version of the new beginning of the above link, suitable for staffing:

DOC (6 Pages):  2013 Open Source Agency 2.0

Here is the memorandum prepared for circulation within NATO, and published by NATO Watch:

PDF (2 Pages):  NATO WATCH Challenges and Solutions 4.0

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Search: the craft of intelligence


For reasons we do not comprehend, searching Google works better than searching within a given WordPress site.

Here is the preprint, followed by the three previous “revolutionary” articles.

2012 PREPRINT: The Craft of Intelligence 3.5

2009 Intelligence for the President–AND Everyone Else

2006 Open Source Intelligence (Strategic) 2.0

1990 Intelligence in the 1990′s – Six Challenges

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Search: map of pirate attacks

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The first map may be what you are looking for, it is generic in nature.

Here is a 2013 map, showing a sharp decline but still a strong threat. Piracy is not “an expensive enough problem” for the US Government to take it seriously. This was clearly and explicitly laid out, down to commercial imagery of the villages, docks, and specific boats, in a CENTCOM J-2 Plans memorandum written in 2005. The emerging threat and the need to take non-state and individual actors seriously has been on the table since 1988. There just is not enough money in it to get those who wish to be bribed and those who do the bribing interested.

Eventually there could be a safe passage marketplace that is funded by insurance companies utilizing rapid response private military contractors and full-up Internet access world-wide.  Eventually publics are going to refuse to pay for government programs that are rooted in corruption and buying “big” things that do not serve the public interest.  Right now we are all caught between the rotting dinosaurs and the hatching birds of paradise.