Yoda: Rwanda Makes Its Own Smartphones — Could It Become the World’s First Open Source Everything Superpower?

#OSE Open Source Everything, Manufacturing

Rwanda launches first ‘Made in Africa’ smartphones

“We are actually the first who are doing manufacturing. We are making the motherboards, we are making the sub-boards during the entire process,” he said. “There are over 1,000 pieces per phone.”

Could Rwanda become the world’s first open source everything superpower?

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Penguin: Open Source Bellcycle

Dare To Be Free!

Bellcycle: The New Open Source Modular Bike

A Bellcycle is a new kind of bicycle that is built from a DIY kit and lets you ride with a straight back and hands kept in a natural position. It’s modular and can even be set up to carry cargo.

The Bellcycle is a concept from Labs Bell and has been designed by Alex Bell, an engineer who was born and raised in NYC, US.

Penguin: Open Source Organs

Innovation, Manufacturing

Artificial organs developed by biohackers will soon deliver insulin to diabetics

In 2018, several hybrid closed-loop systems will begin to appear on the market. These will measure a user’s blood-sugar levels every five minutes or so and supply insulin subcutaneously as appropriate. A large part of the R&D behind them was done in the open-source community. One such group, the Open Artificial Pancreas System project (OpenAPS), has for the past three years been encouraging diabetic biohackers to explore and improve their existing monitoring and insulin-delivery systems.

Penguin: Open Source Wood Hackathon

Manufacturing, Materials

The First Open Source Wood Hackathon in France Created Solutions to Challenging Building Environments

“Engineered wood is the material of the future for urban building. The Open Source Wood Initiative is a great way to promote sustainable building,” says Philippe Blanchard, lecturer from Ecole Superieure du Bois.

Short descriptions of all three concepts can be found from opensourcewood.com/hackathon.