20120628 Open Source Everything Highlights

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Open Source Everything

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Open Source

An open source city takes shape: Open, online tools and data.  The grand vision for the open data portal has two components, ESRI and a to-be determined solution similar to Socrata. They both play a critical role housing the available data and making it easier-to-consume by end users.  The ESRI geoportal server is an open source product that enables discovery, use, and publishing of metadata for geospatial resources. It allows custom downloads of data using a map-based interface.

Open Source a $1 Billion Business, But Just Beginning

Open Source CRM Zurmo Anticipates General Audience Release in September, Announces Summer Roadmap

Red Hat acquires FuseSource.   FuseSource is a provider of open-source application integration and messaging frameworks and services. FuseSource’s products are based on Apache ServiceMix, Apache ActiveMQ, Apache CXF and Apache Camel. The name of the game with all these programs is to provide a  enterprise service bus (ESB). This is part of Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) model.

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20120627 Open Source Everything Highlights

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Brazil's Open-Government Shock Treatment

Brightcove Open Sources App Cloud, Bets Big On Dual-Screen Apps For Apple TV

Citizen apps – enough to monitor open government?

Digital visibility is king but what colour is our Open Access future?

Hackerspaces, makerspaces, DIYbio community survey

IBM: Open source is not winning the war in virtualization, cloud … yet

Open Communication and Open Society

Open Courseware: MIT Open Courseware – Computer System Engineering

Open Education: Open Source Education & Training Tools

Open Education: Why Open Education Matters (Video)

Open Government: State court: Government can’t charge for redactions

Open Hardware Hub (Blog)

Open Media: Secretive trade agreement could mean big fines for Canadian Internet users, says new coalition

Open Mobile: Here’s what Qualcomm thinks your phone should do

Openness costs

Open Science: App Connects Rare Disease Researchers to Data

Open Science:  Cray to Deploy Cascade System at DOE Center

Open Society:  When Development Meets Security: Challenges to Open Societies in Africa

Open Standards: More technology, more connectivity challenges

Open Textbooks:  The Cost of College: Open Access Textbooks Cutting the Bookstore Bill by 80%

Open your minds and share your results

Red Hat introduces comprehensive open hybrid cloud solutions portfolio

Red Hat: Open source is driving innovation and the information economy — but battle is not over

Taking “utmost transparency” to the next level – at4am for all!

Wikigrid – a platform for research in the Digital Humanites

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20120626 Open Source Everything Highlights



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Are You Ready For The Open Mobile Era?

Assessment finds 23% of countries in Open Government Partnership have not submitted an Action Plan

Data.gov to spin off cities.data.gov

Empowered (Open) DCIM Manages More than just Power

Generating Open Courseware using Podcasting, Screencasting, Blogs and Games

Integrating the (World) Bank's Open Data

Kilmartin Praises New Open Records Law

Open Access for Open Knowledge: An Interview with Keita Bando

Open Capitalist Collaboration Tools


Open Source Big Data Technologies Set to Change the Web

Open Source, the Fuel for Cloud Disruption

Open Spectrum: Person we like: Ted Hahs

Open Spirituality / Religion / Theology Forum

Open standards for learning – lots of links!

Open Standards: We Need To Create Collaboration Between Citizens And Governments To Make Cities Best Serve Everyone

Open Textbooks, Saving Over 50%, and Learning the Same Amount of Science

Reasoning and open data

Review (Guest): The Open Source Everything Manifesto – Transparency, Truth & Trust

Russia set to conduct surveillance flyover to inspect Canada’s military, industrial infrastructureScience as an open enterprise

Science as an open enterprise

Supporting Open Science in Europe: OpenAIRE and OpenAIREplus

Talking about Open Data with the President of the World Bank

The future of cloud computing: 9 trends for 2012

The (somewhat) latest developments in open data

Two Citizen Scientists Win First Bay Area Open Science Challenge

UNESCO 2012 World Open Education Resources Congress opens with key supporters

VA awards $4.9M contract to support open source tech

VIDEO: Open Science – I welcome the Royal Society's report

VIDEO: Friedrich Lindenberg, Open Knowledge Foundation: Some data is available. But some data is not!

VIDEO: Why Open Education matters?

What is the future of Open Access Publishing?

Why We're Fighting for an Open Cloud

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20120624 Open Source Everything Highlights

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After Oracle, OpenSolaris rises again

Oracle tried to kill it, but the former Sun project has emerged from the ashes, nurtured by a crowd of innovative startups

Airlines should work together on open source apps

Computerworld: Virgin Atlantic's IT director, David Bulman, has called upon the airline industry to work collaboratively on open source applications that create an .

Canada languishes in world rankings for government openness

Canada finds itself tied for 51st in the world on a list of freedom-of-information rankings, languishing behind Angola, Colombia and Niger.

Open Source Development: Way To Design The Functional Website

Open source development is a platform which provides great content management solution inclusive of Joomla development, Drupal development, WordPress and much more.

Open source suites go beyond Microsoft Office

Open source desktop productivity suites are experiencing an injection of enthusiasm, as recent burst of news releases confirms

Rio+20: Open Source United Nations

To reform business accounting so that it takes into account what nature gives us – and, by extension, what we take from it.

Sponsoring Open-Source Drivers For $1 Per Day?

It's been talked about in some other threads of the Phoronix Forums, but now there's a concerted thread about this proposed initiative for financing new open-source driver development.

TEDGlobal 2012: ‘The more you give away the more you get back'

Bruno Giussani explains the theory of ‘radical openness' that underpins his strategy for a changing world

Unplugging from the Commercial Software Grid: Open Source is not Three Guys in a Shed Anymore.

I have bundled this into a presentation called “Unplugging from the Commercial Software Grid: Why Free is Better Even if you have a Budget” 

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20120621 Open Source Everything Highlights

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Actual Open Source eCommerce cart migration stats reveal market trends

Could government move to open source storage software?

Eucalyptus to Open Source Everything It’s Got

Five principles of an open source company

Ford Looks to App Developers and Open-Source Innovation for Futuristic Driving Experience

Open Perception. By the people. For the people.

Open Source 3D ‘Point Cloud Library' and Open Perception Foundation

Open source creates a more compassionate global education

Open-source geiger counter about to score over $100K on Kickstarter

Open Source is a Game of Partnerships, Bigger than Competition

The Accumulo Challenge, Part I

Using open source & grassroots to map the world’s radiation data

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20120619 Open-Source Everything Highlights

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Open Cloud Roundup: Open Source Dominates Private, Hybrid Enterprise Clouds

The open source cloud made waves in the news this week with the results of a RightScale study that claims widespread adoption among enterprises of open source cloud computing services. VMWare and IBM showed their agreement by announcing plans to expand their open source cloud investments. These positive stories offset the shocker that NASA has abandoned OpenStack entirely for Amazon Web Services.

Open source: Leading the way for big data applications

According to the research firm Wikibon, the big data market is on the verge of a growth spurt that will hit $50 billion worldwide within the next five years. Data volumes are growing to the point where companies are being forced to scale their infrastructure, and the traditional “scale up” technologies, legacy systems and licensing models are simply not working. From its onset, open source technology has been at the forefront of massive data management. Today, open source provides the most effective way to address such a large-scale problem and get the job done faster and more accurately at a fraction of the price of alternative solutions.

NASA Ditching Open Source OpenStack? Not So Fast

“While NASA has stopped funding active development of OpenStack as it has matured, which is very much in keeping with their focus on basic and early-stage applied research, there are still organizations within NASA that are actively scaling up their OpenStack adoption ,” McKenty explained.

Worth a Look:  Black Duck Software is the leading provider of strategy, products and services for automating the management, governance and secure use of open source software, at enterprise scale, in a multi-source development process.

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