Review (Guest): Thieves of State – Why Corruption Threatens Global Security

5 Star, Corruption, Crime (Government)
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Amazon Page

Sarah Chayes

5 of 5 Stars. An Important Book By Deborah O’Keeffe on January 26, 2015

I believe Thieves of State is a must-read for anyone concerned about promoting peace and civility in communities, nations, and the world. Sarah Chayes compellingly discusses how the corrupt practices of governments and authorities spawn violent reactionary movements that undermine the security and stability of societies. Chayes’s voice is strong and confident, her prose is taut, fact-rich, and colorful, sometimes passionate but never indulgent. The book is intelligent and well-researched and refreshingly accessible, with a strong narrative current to draw the reader along. More than that, this is an important book, one with the potential to alter the discussion and–one may hope–the U. S. government’s approach to diplomacy and national security issues.

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