Caitlin Johnstone: The Horrifying Rise Of Total Mass Media Blackouts On Inconvenient News Stories

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The Horrifying Rise Of Total Mass Media Blackouts On Inconvenient News Stories

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Two different media watchdog outlets, Media Lens and Fairness & Accuracy In Reporting(FAIR), have published articles on the complete blackout in mainstream news institutions on the revelation by Icelandic newspaper Stundin that a US superseding indictment in the case against Julian Assange was based on false testimony from diagnosed sociopath and convicted child molester Sigurdur Thordarson.

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Sharry Edwards: Humanity’s survival

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Using the tenets of Math as Medicine, the Institute of BioAcoustic Biology & Sound Health is able to seek insight into COVID and the COVID vaccine. This information has set off alarms about the state of humanity and what could be the detriment of humanity. The attached article will share some of what Sharry Edwards has discovered and what you can do to keep you and your loved ones safe. Contains BioAcoustic Spike Protein antidotes!

Humans have a natural birth-right of free-will, to love, to think, and to acquire knowledge. We are living in a time where it is up to us, the individual, to learn for ourselves what is happening in the world around us. This article is a chance for you to learn about research that is not being discussed through main-stream media. Math is the future of medicine and with it comes answers that were right before our eyes, but we were not able to see. Contains information to allow you to test your own voice against Corona Conflicts

Reporter Charles Creitz for Fox News states “secretary Azar says President Trump is adamant that no stone is left unturned in the hunt for coronavirus care.” We offer this evidence as a public service toward that goal.

“We won't have a cure for diseases until we first have a cure for greed.” Dr. Sachin Patel

Tenets of Math as Medicine support Survival

David Lifschultz: German Reinsurance Treaty with Russia Coming

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German Reinsurance Treaty with Russia Coming

Compliments of the Lifschultz Organization founded in 1899

The Reinsurance Treaty was a diplomatic agreement between the German Empire and the Russian Empire that was in effect from 1887 to 1890. Only a handful of top officials in Berlin and St. Petersburg knew of its existence since it was top secret. The treaty played a critical role in German Chancellor Otto von Bismarck‘s extremely complex and ingenious network of alliances and agreements, which aimed to keep the peace in Europe and to maintain Germany’s economic, diplomatic and political dominance.

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Stephen E Arnold: Google: What Is the Value of Fake News? What Did You Say?

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Stephen E. Arnold

Google: What Is the Value of Fake News? What Did You Say?

I read a story which may be hogwash. (If you have ever cleaned a pig, you can recall the delights of that exercise on a 90 degree day in Poland China territory. Note to thumbtypers. Poland China is another name for a Warren County hog.)

The title of the write certainly caught my attention:

Nearly Half of All Ads on Fake News Sites Come from Google, Study Finds

Let’s be clear I am pointing you a second hand write up from a research outfit’s “study.” Frankly I can’t believe that the estimable Google, former employer of Timnit Gebru, and owner of the real artificial intelligence methodology would be engaged in this type of activity. Goodness.

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