#UNRIG Cynthia McKinney with Jordan Sather – Deep State Corruption, MeetUp Suppression of 435 Paid MeetUps Valued at $77,300

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#UNRIG MeetUp CEO Email Addresses + Email to MeetUp Legal from #UNRIG Member

[email protected] [email protected] We are taking this individual to court in both the US and the EU. MeetUp @ Phi Beta Iota #UNRIG @ Google   Email from Robert Steele to Scott Heiferman below the fold.

#UNRIG MeetUp Violates the Law — Latest Communication

Dear Madam or Sir, I am contacting you in reference to the email below from, Sarah, your Community Experience Manager. Sarah and Meetup are absolutely in error when they reject [the #UNRIG] Meetup due to an [alleged] Alt-Rght  affiliation, which is offensive in and of itself.