Stephen E. Arnold: New Book, Dark Web Notebook, For Official Use Only

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The book is $49 (gov/mil) and verified contractors (com, org). It can only be ordered via [email protected]. The book is, at this time, not available to anyone outside the LE, intel, and security community. I will verify each purchase because the book equips a smart 15 year old to set up a Dark Web business and possibly engage in unlawful activities with less than one hour’s work with a false identity and a means to purchase digital currency. Direct orders only. No Amazon because I cannot vet the purchasers. A person who works at Booz, Allen or similar company will have to pay $199. Work email required.

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Worth a Look: Three Scientists and Their Gods (The Digital Universe)

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Wright focuses on the theories of digital physicist Edward Fredkin (the universe is a computer), sociobiologist Edward O. Wilson (the universe is united by genes and culture), and Kenneth Boulding (the universe is united through communication as a natural process of evolution). Each man has *faith* in his hypothesis without following it up with rigorous experiments. Therefore, this book reads as one man’s evaluation of other men’s ego trips. I give it four stars, tho, because it is an excellent review and synthesis of these theories, including their origins. The book touches upon the “coincidence” that each theory maps into the basic tenets of the world’s religions.

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KINDLE Short: The Syrian Missile Attack – Theatrics & House Cleaning?: McCain, Brennan, McMaster Behind False Flags? Funded by Israel & Saudi Arabia? (Trump Revolution Book 10)

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As this goes to press the US Department of State is lying to the public about what actually happened in Syria, and the US Department of Defense is lying to the public about the success of its faked attack on an abandoned air base.

In addition to the insider disclosure of the treason by Senator John McCain, former CIA Director John Brennan, and National Security Advisor Herbert McMaster, this updated edition includes links to Russian declarations not only the false flag that got this mess started, but additional false flags across Syria coming soon.

The Zionist end-game that the US neo-conservatives are support calls for the introduction of 150,000 US troops into Syria. If that happens, our President will lose his base – the Alt-Right is furious over the missile attack.

If WikiLeaks takes down the Republican Party with leaked documents including emails demonstrating pedophilia on the part of multiple Republican Senators and Representatives – and if Donald Trump does not act on the Electoral Reform Act – the Democrats could retake the House of Representatives in 2018, impeach him, and also – if 4 Republican Senators resign, commit suicide, or go to jail – convict him.

This expanded essay includes:

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Worth a Look: Men Without Work

Worth A Look
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Today, nearly one in six prime working age men has no paid work at all—and nearly one in eight is out of the labor force entirely, neither working nor even looking for work. This new normal of “men without work,” argues Eberstadt, is “America’s invisible crisis.”

So who are these men? How did they get there? What are they doing with their time? And what are the implications of this exit from work for American society?

Nicholas Eberstadt lays out the issue and Jared Bernstein from the left and Henry Olsen from the right offer their responses to this national crisis.

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