1992 Open Source Coordinator’s Senior Manager’s Council: A Status Report on STIC Open Source Activities

History of Opposition

Tom Pedtke was the single most important practitioner during the 1992 surge when we thought we had a chance to get it right.  Coming out of the National Air Intelligence Center (NAIC) in Cleveland, Ohio, he had an appreciation for “full spectrum” Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) such as would never be achieved by those steeped in the culture of foreign broadcast monitoring, and he understood research and citation analysis and all the other tricks of the OSINT trade that simply do not come into play when you are monitoring fixed schedule broadcasts.  Following in the tradition of National Intelligence Officer for Science & Technology (NIO/S&T) Jan Herring who tried all of this in the 1970's, Tom Pedtke had all of the knowledge and the best of intentions.  Like Paul Wallner, he simply could not move the beast from within.

S&T Good Guys
S&T Good Guys

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