Review: Anticipating Ethnic Conflict

2 Star, Culture, Research, Games, Models, & Simulations, Insurgency & Revolution, Intelligence (Government/Secret)

Amazon Page
Amazon Page

2.0 out of 5 stars Lightweight, Ignores History, Without Useful Sources,

October 13, 2000
Ashley J. Tellis
his is a simple-minded book that manages to obscure the basics with convoluted language. It also achieves a remarkable feat, failing to mention history as a relevant factor in understanding and anticipating ethnic conflict in the 21st Century. It does nothing whatsover to suggest to the interested analyst, for whom this “template” was designed, how to operationalize the few relevant factors the book identifies, and does not provide any discussion at all of sources and methods helpful to studying ethnic conflict. There is no bibliography and no index. The footnotes are lightweight.
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