2000 Cox (CA) Reflections of the former NATO Deputy N-2

Historic Contributions, Military, Peace Intelligence
Jim Cox
Jim Cox

Retired Army Brigadier General, with extensive UN and NATO experience. After a 38 year career, retired from the Canadian Forces in 2001. Currently work as an analyst in the Library of Parliament supporting the House of Commons Standing Committee on National Defence, the Senate Sub-Committee on Veterans Affairs and the Canada-NATO Parliamentary Assembly. Also pursuing a PhD in War Studies with the Royal Military College of Canada.

Phi Beta Iota: BGen Jim Cox, CA was the Deputy N-2 for the  Supreme Headquarters Allied Powers Europe (SHAPE) which is also the central headquarters element for the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO).  If there is one person who can be identified as the “do-er” who took Capt Patrick Tyrrell's paper on the need for NATO OSINT, and ultimately mandated, funded, and saw through the creation of the three core NATO conceptual publications on OSINT, it would be Brigadier Cox.

2000 Cox Light Musings NATO

1997 Tyrell NTO OSINT Proposal

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