Review: The Cluetrain Manifesto–The End of Business as Usual

4 Star, Best Practices in Management

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4.0 out of 5 stars One Great Thought Beat to Death 190 Times,

February 24, 2001
Christopher Locke

There is one great thought in this book, i.e. that the Web makes it possible for everyone to participate in the “great conversation”, and that it is the summing and slicing of these conversations that will drive business in the 21st Century.

The authors are quite correct, and helpful, when they point out that in the aggregate, the combined preferences, insights, and purchasing power of all Web denizens is vastly more valuable and relevant to business decisions about production, quality, and services than any “push” marketing hype or engineering presumptions about what people might need.

Sadly, the authors' neither provide an integrated understanding of the true terrain over which the great conversation takes place, nor do they provide any substantive suggestions for how web content managers might improve our access to the knowledge and desires that are now buried within the web of babel. Their cute “tell a story” and equally cute advice to have big boxes for customer stories in the forms provided for input, simply do not cut it with me.

This book is a 5 for the one great idea, a 2 for beating the idea to death, a 3 for presentation, and a 4 overall because it was just good enough to keep me reading to the last page.

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