2002 Hardee (US) Growing an Open Source Program for the U.S. Special Operations Command and the Global War on Terrorism

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The US Special Operations Command (USSOCOM) has always taken Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) more seriously than the rest of the government, and after General Peter Schoomaker, then Commander-in-Chief, USSOCOM, gave the order in 1997, to establish a separate branch in the Joint Intelligence Center (JIC) and integrate OSINT into all Special Operaitons Forces (SOF) schoolhouses, the program grew fast.  Jim Hardee was the senior civilian in the JIC prior to 9/11, and it fell to him to help a series of officers move forward.

Today SOCOM JIC J-23 answers 40% of all Global War on Terror (GWOT) requirements from all SOF elements worldwide, for under $10 million dollars.  There is not another element of the U.S. Government that is remotely as capable, or as cost efficient.

Below is the earliest briefing available to the public covering White OSINT.

Jim Hardee
Jim Hardee

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