2002 Henk (US) Respecting the Cultural Dimension: Intelligence and Africa

Cultural Intelligence, Historic Contributions

Col Dr. Dan Henk, USAF is a classical scholar-warrior, and one of the finest observers and interpreters of African realities and all of their nuances that we have encountered.  He is the prototypical “class act” and a role model for what every senior analyst should be—engrossed in the subject, fluent with the mediums, open-minded, versatile, adaptive, and coherent in the articulation of who and what matters why.

Below is the outline of his contribution to OSS '02.  The actual briefings, constantly updated, are replete with extraordinary photographs that make his point in compelling ways.  We've found no finer briefing on regional, religious, ethnic, and tribal nuances than this officer.

Dan Henk
Dan Henk

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