Review: The First 90 Days–Critical Success Strategies for New Leaders at All Levels (Hardcover)

4 Star, Best Practices in Management

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4.0 out of 5 stars Slightly second to Neff & Citrin, worth reading both,

April 9, 2005
Michael Watkins
This is a fine book with a lot of substance, and I place it slightly second to Thomas Neff and James Citrin's “You're in Charge–NOW WHAT?.”

From my point of view as the reader, Neff & Citrin actually catalyzed me and inspired me into preparing a 100 day plan broken into 10 ten-day blocks, while Watkins is more of a manual with lots of useful checklists and suggested questions and so on, but between the two, Neff & Citrin actually drove me to the needed outcome: my own 100 day plan.

Both are good. If you buy only one, buy Neff & Citrin, but I do recommend that you buy both, read Neff & Citrin first, and then cherry pick from Watkins–the cost of these books is trivial in comparison to the return on investment.

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