Review: Get This Party Started–How Progressives Can Fight Back and Win (Paperback)

3 Star, Democracy, Politics

Amazon Page
Amazon Page

3.0 out of 5 stars A real loser of a book, TIRED, not even close to being progressive,

March 15, 2006
Matthew Kerbel
This book was a huge disappointment. A real loser of a book, very TIRED. I doubt that Howard Dean even read this loose collection of short articles by different people, before he agreed to lend his name to it.

There is no real discussion of any issue in this loosely edited work, most of the focus is on sub-elements of the democratic constituency and abouit “the message.”

Even worse, for anyone actually familiar with progressives and the new progressives, it is infuriating to not see any mention of Paul Ray and the Cultural Creatives, and the New Political Compass (Google it to get a grip). These people don’t even mention the New America Foundation and that brilliant book on “The Radical Center.”

LOSERS! This is why the Democratic Party is not a credible alternative to liars with money to burn.

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