Review: Into the Buzzsaw–Leading Journalists Expose the Myth of a Free Press

4 Star, Media, Misinformation & Propaganda

BuzzsawFirst Published in 1980, Need Another Whole New Book,

February 18, 2007

Kristina Borjesson

There are many excellent reviews of this book, many with real substance that need not be repeated.

I searched in vain across all 44 reviews and could not find anyone pointing out that this book was first published in 1980, a quarter-century ago.

It's a worthy book, but completely out of date–the practices it describes are not out of date, but we all need a major update.

I recommend Fog Facts: Searching for Truth in the Land of Spin and Lost History: Contras, Cocaine, the Press & ‘Project Truth' as two current updates.

From the larger literature within which I appreciate this book, I see four fully interwoven reasons why America is no longer a republic:

1) Excessive concentration of wealth at the top, CEOs earning 400 times more a year than their lowest paid employee. See Lee Iacocca's recent work, Where Have All the Leaders Gone?

2) Wealth corrupting politicians, while corporate personality avoids justice. The Federal Reserve in particular needs to be closed down.

3) A house-broken media unwilling to challenge “the establishment,” and

4) An inert public, not realizing that it is being treated–in human terms–just as inhumanely as cattle force fed to death in fourteen months.

“Live Free or Die.” Now there's a theme. There are 27 secessionist movements in America, among which Vermont's is the most viable. The time may well have come to dissolve the existing federal government if we cannot achieve electoral reform and the restoration of constitutional integrity.

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