Review: Peak Oil Survival–Preparation for Life After Gridcrash

5 Star, Survival & Sustainment

Peak Oil SurvivalScary, Practical, A “Best in Class” Book,

February 7, 2007

Aric McBay

There is an entire literatue on Peak Oil (now, 30 years too late). Of the seven or eight that I have read, this is the single best most sensible book. Easy to read, to “connects the dots” and makes it clear just how tough urban and surban survival is going to be–imagine Baghdad at home.

The author has really knocked the ball out of the park with common sense. This is not a book that states the obvious as much as it is a book that really drives home the importance of obtaining water, treating water, creating latrines and making best use of gray water, keeping food cool, heating for fuel (with a dramatic savings achievable for short-term fuel use augmented by hot box “sitting”), and then ending with lighting and heat.

The layout of the book is first-rate, the diagrams are superb and easy to understand, and the practical list of tools and supplies needed for sustainment survival is explicit, not over-stated, and just plain serious.

Absolutely a great book and a serious contribution to the good of any community.

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