Graphic: OSINT Global Pyramid from OSIS-X to Intelink-X

Advanced Cyber/IO, Analysis, Balance, Capabilities-Force Structure, Collection, Earth Orientation, ICT-IT, Innovation, Leadership-Integrity, Multinational Plus, Processing, Reform, Strategy-Holistic Coherence
OSINT Global Pyramid
OSINT Global Pyramid

This remains the intellectual property of Robert Steele and is the core concept for ultimately creating a World Brain and EarthGame that engage all human minds and connect all humans to all information in all languages all the time.

Both the Open Source Information System – External (OSIS-X) and Intelink – X will be United Nations “virtual clouds” that achieve a degree of assured security that is good enough through to the secret level, and thus able to engage all in what the Swedes call Multinational, Multiagency, Multidisciplinary, Multidomain Information-Sharing and Sense-Making (M4IS2).

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