Review: McCain–The Essential Guide to the Republican Nominee

3 Star, Biography & Memoirs, Politics

McCainNOT a Guide–A Coffee Table Book, Lots of Photos, No Stats, September 3, 2008

Mark Silva

This book is on sale in supermarkets, and I spent time with both this book and its counterpart for Barack Obama.

I recommend both books as coffee table books, lots of great photos and general information about the individuals, but this book is NOT a guide.

There are no statistics, no tables, no comparisons, no meaningful GUIDE to who the candidate is and what they really stand for based on their actual behavior, votes, known acquaintances, etcetera.

What would be extraordinarlily valuable, if the publishers want to do a fast make-over, is a SINGLE book that compares all four candidates On the Issues and on their Values and what it all means for the federal government's future, the budget's future, and the country's future.

For an idea of what I am talking about, look online for “On the Isuses,”
and see especially the way they plot on a map relative differences.

See also the book below:

The Political Junkie Handbook (The Definitive Reference Book on Politics)

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