Review: Barack H. Obama–The Unauthorized Biography

5 Star, Impeachment & Treason, Politics, Power (Pathologies & Utilization)

ObamaTruly frightening expose of Barack Obama's dark side, October 18, 2008

Webster Griffin Tarpley

EDIT of 14 Dec 08: Obama has been balanced in his early days, but conventional. He is appointing a “winner take all” Cabinet and going along with the Wall Street desires for massive bail-outs. He can be a great president if and only if he breaks the backs of the two criminal parties, invites Ralph Nader, Ron Paul, Cynthia McKinney, and Chuck Baldwin to be a kitchen council, and passes Electoral Reform and the Smart Nation Act. I am not holding my breath but will hope for the best.

EDIT of 19 Oct 08 to point to comment from author on this review and add Associated Press image of Obama's Indonesian citizenship and Muslim faith as registered for school in Indonesia.

This book may have been published too late, and I have to ask myself if John McCain's staff is incompetent, or whether McCain has somehow been sidelined and “contained” so as to LOSE this election.

I have read a great deal, not just in books, but in articles, online, and so on, and I am fairly persuaded that Barack Obama has not been properly vetted, and that there is a conspiracy of silence that is extraordinarily well-funded.

I am especially troubled by the complete absence of any proof that he actually attended Columbia University; by the very high probability that he was in fact raised as a Muslim (until he returned to the USA); and by the very bad company that he keeps–and here I refer to Zbigniew Brzezinsky, and the Democratic “regulars,” not Reverend Wright.

I am also troubled by the fact that most people of color see him for what he appears to be an elitist on the payroll of Wall Street corporations, a “House Negro” in their telling of the story, and hence the ideal “front man” for Wall Street's last great looting of what is left of the American treasury.

This book, which I could not put down once I picked it up, has eleven chapters, and each is incendiary. There are many places where I believe the author–a gifted historian whose integrity is unimpeachable–goes over the top on his political interpretations. A certain amount of filtering is required, but the bottom line for me is clear:

1) Barack Obama's valid US citizenship has not been proven beyond a reasonable doubt. His current birth certificate may be forged, and he may have lost his original one in the process of renouncing U.S. citizenship upon adoption. At a minimum he would appear to have conflicted loyalties.

2) His early years being raised as a Muslim have been proven by at least one enterprising reporter, but the entire media–a completely controlled enterprise that continues to refuse fully-funded public service advertisements–appears to have been ordered to cover this up.

I am going to have to read this book at least once more. The author provides a wealth of detail along three other paths that are very troubling:

1) Senator Obama is a shameless full-up member of the Chicago crime circles and corruption circles, and has not shirked from their financial sponsorship.

2) Senator Obama does not appear in any Columbia University literature, class photos, and has failed to produce a transcript of his claimed time at Columbia, or proof of graduation. His staff and his biographies are both adamant on not discussing this period in his life.

3) Senator Obama appears to have been groomed for his role, and to be a consummate actor who plays the role he is paid to play.

Here are the chapter headings, which the publisher has not seen fit to provide–with the caveat that the author sometimes goes a bridge too far with his interpretations of the facts, the facts are never-the-less there and I for one do not trust Obama, in large part because of the company he keeps and who he listens to.

Introduction: Obama from the Ford Foundation to the Trilateral Commission

Chapter 1: Obama's Roots in Polygamy and the Ford Foundation

Chapter 2: Columbia University and Recruitment by Zbigniew Brzezinski

Chapter 3: Foundation-funded Racism in Chicago: Jeremiah Wright and Michelle

Chapter 4: Apprenticeship with Foundation-Funded Terrorists: Ayers and Dohrn

Chapter 5: Obama's Heart of Darkness: Rezko, Auchi, Alsammareae, and Chicago Graft

Chapter 6: Grabbing a Senate Seat with a Little Help from his Trilateral Friends

Chapter 7: The Hope Pope and His Trilateral Money Machine

Chapter 8: “Our Souls Are Broken” — “Feel Don't Think! Be Visceral!” — Michelle Obama, Postmodern Fascist Ideologue

Chapter 9: Obama's Triumph of the Will: The 2008 Primaries

Chapter 10: Obama: A Looming World Tragedy

Chapter 11: Obama as Social Fascist

The appendices are fascinating and include an actual law suit that was not allowed to proceed, seeking force Obama to document his U.S. citizenship properly.

Like other anti-Obama books, one has to do some filtering, but at the end of it all, I have to treat books like this the way I treat books about the 9-11 “let it happen” and cover up: there is substance here that the public has a right to evaluate, and that the media is NOT evaluating.

PLEASE: buy and read this book for yourself and weight in with your own opinion. In my view, similar to books like Crossing the Rubicon: The Decline of the American Empire at the End of the Age of Oil, there is enough here to indict, but not to convict. Only a mass of thinking citizens can go that last mile. My role here is to propose that you all do that: engage. I do want to emphasize that my greatest concern about Obama is not whether he is gifted (we know he is), but rather who is behind him, who controls him, and what his puppet masters will have him do–despite Colin Powell's endorsement, I trust John McCain to be independent, and I have seen Obama shut out those who would help him balance the Democratic “advisors” that are in my view dangerous.

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