Review: Who Killed Health Care?–America’s $2 Trillion Medical Problem – and the Consumer-Driven Cure

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Health CareTip of the iceberg, see the image, June 22, 2008

Regina Herzlinger

I've been thinking about publishing a book on health intelligence, and borrowed this from a colleague.

My contribution will be the image I created while thinking about what the book should look like–the inner square was co-created with another person.

This book can be summarized with three words: *corruption* killed health; *transparency* can heal us; and only we, the *patients* (or victims) can come together to demand resolution.

In the comment, where Amazon does allow URLs, I am pointing to a PriceWaterhouseCoopers report online, which documents 50% of all health costs as waste.

The author ends with very specific recommendations that are excellent as far as they go, but that ignore the 80% of solutions that are outside the existing hospital-pharmaceutical complex. The Japanese have started weighing and measuring their population–a population's health and vitality is the single greatest contributor to national power and prosperity, ergo, we need a “360” approach to national health, and I try to depict that in the image above.

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