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Published: August 26, 2009
The Medium:Facebook Exodus

Leif Harmsen, once a Facebook user, now crusades against it. Having dismissed his mother’s snap judgment of the site (“Facebook is the devil”), Harmsen now passionately agrees. He says, not entirely in jest, that he considers it a repressive regime akin to North Korea, and sells T-shirts with the words “Shut Your Facebook.” What especially galls him is the commercialization and corporate regulation of personal and social life.

. . . . . . .

“The more dependent we allow ourselves to become to something like Facebook — and Facebook does everything in its power to make you more dependent — the more Facebook can and does abuse us,” Harmsen explained by indignant e-mail. “It is not ‘your’ Facebook profile. It is Facebook’s profile about you.”
Phi Beta Iota: The above is a preview of Google Ubber Alles combined with White House control of the Internet on behalf of Wall Street.  The public has been dumbed down and is naive.  A “radical middle” is now emerging, and if Electoral Reform is demanded and enacted, we can fix this.  If not, the USA is on its way in to the tarpit of history.

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