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Ron Paul “gets” the idea of basic liberty. After all, liberty is at the core of what our country was founded upon. It is neither Republican nor Democrat; however, after years of conditioning by the main stream media, the public school system, peers and a number of other “group think” mechanisms out there, our ideas of liberty become clouded and distorted.

Phi Beta Iota Editorial Comment:

There appears to be a “convergence” of Ron Paul Republican-Libertarians, the Unified Independents,, and with lesser voices for lack of fire in the belly, the Greens, Reforms, and Socialists (who are actually populists with a Hispanic overlay, if they change their name they will double or triple their market share among eligible voters.

We the People are finally waking up from fifty years of Madison Avenue propaganda that promulgated “the American Way of Life” as a consumer-oriented advertising campaign, and “American exceptionalism” as a financially-driven cover for justifying unilaterla militarism and predatory immoral capitalism all over the world.

“Brand Obama” is nose-diving.  The public is waking up to the fact that who is President does not matter as long as Goldman Sachs runs the Treasury and Congress is the abject servant to Wall Street and the three big complexes (military-intelligence, prison-slave, and medcial-pharmaceutical).

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