Journal: Senator Chris Dodd Broke No Ethics Rules…

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Dodd Admits He Personally Added Bonus Provision
Dodd Admits He Personally Added Bonus Provision

Associated Press reports that the Senate Ethics Committee has cleared Senator Chris Dodd of Connecticutt (the state where many of the AIG and other Wall Street executives live) for his uniquely personal role in secretly assuring that bonuses for all these morally hazardous individuals would be protected in the two-party bail-out deal.  His below market mortgage personally arranged by the leadership of Countrywide is “unrelated.”

Click on the photo to read the story on his admission that he personally added the bonus provision to the “stimulus” package.

Congress is so far removed from the Constitution and Article 1 that it has made all manner of high crimes and misdemeanors “legal” and (in Senate terms) “not unethical.”  The two-party tyranny that has been authorizing and appropriating the U.S. Treasury created by law-abiding citizen taxpayers has given up the right to make findings like this.  Shame on them all.

Below are several leading newspapers’ replay of the original AP story.  The voters should decide if this was ethical or not, Congress and the Senate Ethics Committee in particular can no longer be trusted with deliberations like this.  What we find remarkable is that the connection between the unethical mortgage deals (which all Senators have access to) and the deliberately obscure but vital role of Senator Dodd in being the one Senator most responsible for protecting “business as usual” on Wall Street, and specifically ensuring that bonuses were included as authorized by the bail-out legislation, have not been connected to our satisfaction.

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