Journal: Exercise Africa Endeavor–Military as Peace Force that Communicates, Computes, & Connects

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George C. Marshall Briefing
George C. Marshall Briefing

In roughly 1997 we were invited to brief Russian and Eastern European parliamentarians at the George C. Marshall Center in Germany, and presented a new concept, of the military as the core force for peace.

Our intent was rooted in our appreciation for the military in every nation–regardless of corruption or shortfalls in leadership–as the one organization that can generally manage uninterrupted communications, logistics, and mobility functions that are today vastly more important than the traditional military function of applying force.

Today we learn of an excellent communications exercise

Transcript Online
Transcript Online

involving 25 nations across Africa, under the auspices of the Africa Command (AFRICOM).  The transcript is well worth reading (and much more valuable than forcing one to watch the video, thank you AFRICOM PAO).  We have just two questions:

1.  Has AFRICOM engaged the DARPA STRONG ANGEL team and considered TOOZL as something to be included in this and future exercises?

2.  Has AFRICOM talked to CISCO about providing free bridging products and services for testing by all participants?  We continue to be astonished by how few domestic and international organizations are aware that it is now possible to mix and max all analog and digital forms of voice and data via CISCO hubs.

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