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Chuck Spinney
Chuck Spinney

Chuck Spinney sends….

Obama's policies are making Democrats the party of Bloated Plutocracy.

November 8, 2009     OP-ED COLUMNIST

The Night They Drove the Tea Partiers Down

Frank Rich

The Obama administration does not seem to understand that this rage, left unaddressed, could consume it.

The system is going back to the way it was with a vengeance, against a backdrop of despair. As the unemployment rate crossed the 10 percent threshold at week’s end, we learned that bankers were helping themselves not just to bonuses as large as those at the bubble’s peak but to early allotments of H1N1 vaccine. No wonder 62 percent of those polled by Hart Associates in late September felt that “large banks” had been helped “a lot” or “a fair amount” by “government economic policies,” but only 13 percent felt the “average working person” had been. Unemployment ranked ahead of the deficit and health care as the No. 1 pocketbook issue in the survey, with 81 percent saying the Obama administration must take more action.

Phi Beta Iota: The above was the secondary portion of the article that we recommend be read in full.  The author focused first on the implosion on the demonic right (less Milt Romney) in upstate New York, and on the shocking under-performance of Mayor Bloomberg whose arrogance in buying a third term aliented a huge number.

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