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Gold Anti-Trust Action Committee Home

Below are six flagged Alerts from a source we have learned to trust.

Morgan Chase CEO touted as Geithner’s replacement

What is very interesting about this is that Mack is the only guy on Wall Street the Chinese leadership really trusts.  There is no real difference between Goldman Sachs, Citi-Bank (the original Black Eagle Trust holder) and Morgan, although Mack does seem considerably more classy, and perhaps more able to get a grip on reality going into the future.

Welcome to Stage Two of Gold’s Bull Market

CNBC’s Santelli blurts it out: Central banks suppress gold

Scenes from the Munich precious metals conference

Developing world’s central banks have plenty of room for gold

Phi Beta Iota: We do not have the competency to evaluate this information, we just know that a) the recommending source trusts the original source and suggests a careful full reading of each item in detail including the follow-on links; and b) this is probably not in Leon Panetta’s “Economic Intelligence” report to the President.  The White House is being fed slush because the US Government is not trained, equipped, nor organized to both get a grip on all information in all languages all the time, nor ethically disposed to seek and present the truth at any cost–which lowers all other costs.

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