Journal: BBC Dishonest on ClimateGate

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Copenhagen summit urged to take climate change action

The arguments made by climate change sceptics

European media on climate summit

Phi Beta Iota: BBC reporting on Copenhagen and Climate Change has been consistently dishonest.  We have urgent questions about how BBC is funded and how it does quality assurance.  The core failing of Copenhagen, apart from its being based on fraudulent politicized science that is beneath contempt, is the fact that there is no Strategic Analytic Model and there is no attention being paid to the much wiser and more useful findings of the High Level Panel on Threats, Challenge, & Change.  Poverty causes more environmental damange than corporations–poverty and infectious disease are both more important than Environmental Degradation BUT Envrionmental Degradation in ALL its forms is more important than everything else.  It's time for a massive audit of the BBC, they are not serving the British or global public as well as they could or should.

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