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Copenhagen Street Theater
Copenhagen Street Theater

Developing countries boycott UN climate talks

COPENHAGEN – China, India and other developing nations boycotted U.N. climate talks Monday, bringing negotiations to a halt with their demand that rich countries discuss much deeper cuts in their greenhouse gas emissions.

“We are seeing the death of the Kyoto Protocol,” said Djemouai Kamel of Algeria, the head of the 50-nation Africa group.

It was the second time the Africans have disrupted the climate talks. At the last round of negotiations in November, the African bloc forced a one-day suspension until wealthy countries agreed to spell out what steps they will take to reduce emissions.

Climategate: Who are the ‘deniers' now?

A couple of years ago, supporters of global warming theory began referring to skeptics as “deniers” — implying that anyone who doubted climate change should be lumped with Holocaust deniers.

Now the shoe is on the other foot, thanks to the eye-popping e-mail dump that hit the Internet recently and quickly became known as “Climategate.” The response of much of the global-warming “community” has been … denial.


ClimateGate Research Unit Disables Its Website

The Climatic Research Unit at the heart of the ClimateGate scandal has taken down most of the information previously available at its website.

Letter: ‘Climategate' gets short shrift in news columns

Does the Amarillo Globe-News sleepwalk through current events? On Dec. 4, you published an article titled, “Climate experts: Adapt or Die,” which read, “With the world losing the battle against global warming so far, experts are warning that humans need to follow nature's example: Adapt or die … One difficulty is that climate change is happening rapidly.”

On Nov. 28, Daily Telegraph journalist Christopher Booker opined on global warming, “Our hopelessly compromised scientific establishment cannot be allowed to get away with a whitewash of what has become the greatest scientific scandal of our age (Climategate).”

Climategate has revealed widespread global-warming fraud.

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