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Antarctic ice 5% below average. Sets record for least summer loss.

Arctic ice 8% below average

Global Sea Ice moves below average

US temps (best data) 2008: 0.5C below 100+ yr ave. No clear trend. October 3rd coldest ever.

Climate Change Facts

* Facts about Global Warming Reality Check
* The IPCC 2007 Forecast
* Impact Assessment Needs
* How to Identify Bias
* IPCC Forecast Vs. Reality
* Forecast is Not Huge
* Was the Earth Warmer before?
* What Should We Do?
* What Should We Not Do?
* Issues of Disagreement?
* Skeptics View of Consensus?
* Consensus View Of Skeptics?
* Is Global Warming Bad?
* Polar Bears/Polar Ice?
* CO2 so high we can't breathe?

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