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Stability Operations for Dummies: The Role of the Prvate Sector in Iraq (YouTube Briefing)

Doug Brooks, founding President of the International Peace Operations Association (IPOA) has a video circulating that offers the soft sales pitch for outsourcing “contingency support.”  It is all positive and completely avoids all of the negatives, such as:

1.  Pillaging and disrupting existing intelligence and special operations ranks by incentivizing early retirement.

2.  Cost 3x to 10X that of a uniformed or civil service source.

3.  Profit motive rather than mission motive.

4.  Pretends contractor mistakes are not politically accountable.

5.  Pretends contractors actually favor low-cost locals (which radically reduces overhead profits)

6.  Pretends contractors actually fit exactly the right person to the job rather than being a body mover

7.  Completely avoids the massive failure of contractors in both Iraq and Afghanistan–they are part of the PROBLEM, not part of the solution because their existence–and the policymaker's ignorant choice of contractors–undermines both Whole of Government and Multinational Multifunctional operations.

Phi Beta Iota: Until the US Government masters strategic thinking, re-learns how to do multinational engagement, and re-learns how to write Statements of Work (SOW) with coherent metrics for evaluating performance–AND absolutely forbids contractors from recruiting government employees still in active service, this is not going to get fixed.  It merits comment that a great deal of crime accompanies contractor engagements in war zones, and both drug smuggling and illicit arms sales seems to be a very profitable fringe activity once contractors are invited into a war zone.

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