Graphic: OSINT DOSC MDSC as Kernel for Global Grid to Meet Stabilization & Reconstruction as Well as Whole of Government Policy, Acquisition, and Operations Support

Balance, Capabilities-Force Structure, Collection, Earth Orientation, Geospatial, ICT-IT, Innovation, Languages-Translation, Leadership-Integrity, Multinational Plus, Policies-Harmonization, Processing, Reform, Strategy-Holistic Coherence, Threats, Tribes
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Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) is high school–advanced is Multinational Multiagency Multidiscipline Multidomain Information-Sharing and Sense-Making (M4IS2).  The fastest way to re-invent and revitalize intelligence for any nation (or region such as Africa or South America) is to create a Defense Open Source Center (DOSC) that serves as the interface between a Multinational Decision Support Center (MDSC) that can do Outreach (Multinational Engagement in a two-way reach-back mode, at the same time that the DOSC is responsible for assuring instant upload to the high-side of all open source information as it is received and with translation done outside the wire as a value added.

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