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A terrorist war Obama has denied

Charles Krauthammer

Friday, January 1, 2010

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The reason the country is uneasy about the Obama administration's response to this attack is a distinct sense of not just incompetence but incomprehension. From the very beginning, President Obama has relentlessly tried to play down and deny the nature of the terrorist threat we continue to face.

. . . . . . .

Any government can through laxity let someone slip through the cracks. But a government that refuses to admit that we are at war, indeed, refuses even to name the enemy — jihadist is a word banished from the Obama lexicon — turns laxity into a governing philosophy.

Marcus Aurelius

Phi Beta Iota: The commentator, an extreme partisan from the right, confuses laxity with partisanship.  Both parties are partisan extremists, and blinding America to the reality that it must acknowledge if it is to adapt to the unprecedented complexity that threatens us–many of the threats of our own making and many of the cost of our own volition, bad decisions made in the aftermath of what would otherwise be minor decisions.  America lacks a non-partisan intelligence community able to get a grip on the Whole System; America lacks a Whole of Government capacity to balance means, ways, and ends; and America lacks above all any means of restoring comity and consensus in Congress, without which Congress will not fulfill its Article 1 Constitutional duty.

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