Journal: Mind-Reading Systems Instead of Human Minds

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Mind-reading systems could change air security

By MICHAEL TARM Jan 8, 2010

CHICAGO (AP) – A would-be terrorist tries to board a plane, bent on mass murder. As he walks through a security checkpoint, fidgeting and glancing around, a network of high-tech machines analyzes his body language and reads his mind.

Screeners pull him aside.

Tragedy is averted.

As far-fetched as that sounds, systems that aim to get inside an evildoer's head are among the proposals floated by security experts thinking beyond the X-ray machines and metal detectors used on millions of passengers and bags each year.

Phi Beta Iota: This ambitious project will not be realized in time to avert any major catastrophe, and is right up there with the plan to create fighting robots that are inacable of violating laws of war–how we get arouind what the programmers do not know has not been addressed.  The Israeli's use humans with minds that question every passenger, demand telephone numbers on both ends of the route, and actually call those numbers as part of second echelon screening.  “The Amercians always do the right thing–they just try everything else first.”  Winston Churchill.

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